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The Integrated Future of Labs & Campuses

To support universities in their transition to 5G technology and win the innovation game while becoming more digitalized and data-driven, Echelon Edge has developed the 5G Lab as a Service Solution which will help in strategizing, constructing, and capitalizing on the opportunities that 5G presents for their campuses.

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Need for a Change

The Lab of the Future goes beyond digital tools and even the physical lab itself—it's about reshaping your entire business landscape.

Today's competition demands you to become a technology-driven company. Your lab shouldn't just do research; it should be a key driver of innovation, providing not just science, but the effective solution you need to win. And you are not alone in this race...

Many companies are already working with experts to build their Labs of the Future. Wondering How? 5G Lab as a Service is the solution which offers the complete value chain of end-to-end solutions you need to thrive.

Government Initiative

Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced on October 27, 2023, the allocation of 100 5G use case labs to educational institutions nationwide. These labs are part of India's '5G Use Case Labs' initiative under the Department of Telecommunications.

The initiative aims to drive innovation across various sectors including agriculture, education, power, transportation, and healthcare, positioning India at the forefront of 5G technology adoption.

Selected higher education institutions tasked with establishing these labs are required to contribute 20 percent of the capital expenses over four years. The government is funding 80 percent of the capital expenditure for lab setup and covering 100 percent of operational expenses for the subsequent four years.

How can 5G lab make a difference?

Better Collaboration

With 5G, connecting with experts worldwide is seamless. This means more research grants, joint projects, and real-world impact.

Elevate Academic Prestige

Integrate Advanced Technologies into Your Curriculum to Enhance Your Institution's Reputation.

Job-Ready Graduates

Equip students with skills companies need. From VR to real-time data analysis, 5G labs prepare them for the workforce.

Hands-On Learning

Dive into 5G tech beyond textbooks. Explore virtual worlds, dissect virtual frogs, or join remote labs for a richer learning experience.

Mixing Subjects

Work with students from different fields. Imagine engineers and artists teaming up – sparking creativity and innovation.

Stand Out To Employers

With 5G skills, you become a top candidate. 5G labs give you the edge in today's job market.

Use Cases to Explore

Search & Rescue Drone Operations
Search & rescue drones equipped with high-resolution cameras support various rescue missions in remote or disaster-stricken areas with real-time video transmission and visualization software.
Precision Agriculture with IoT Sensors
Develop a precision agriculture solution that utilizes 5G connectivity to enable real-time data collection from IoT sensors in the field. This can optimize resource usage, improve crop yield, and enhance overall agricultural efficiency.
Remote Access & Equipment Repair
Investigate the feasibility, efficiency, and security for remotely accessing and repairing equipment in an industrial setting with Private 5G that involves wireless connecting with asset management tasks like involve configuration information, activity/event logs and blended data from various systems, and sensors.
AR-Facilitated Operations
5G enables real-time AR streaming via high-throughput and low-latency wireless connectivity, with some imaging tasks conducted in the cloud or edge computing resources. This reduces the processing power required on the AR device itself, extending battery-life or reducing the weight needed.
Video-Based Monitoring
Surveillance is used for mining operation control, perimeter protection, awareness of theft, detection of fire hazards and awareness of personnel location and actions. Increasingly, analytics of captured video can feed directly into automated systems and rapid human decision-chains on-site. 5G connectivity can enable real-time, high- definition streaming across wide areas of the site, as well as underground.
Smart Traffic Management System
A 5G-based smart traffic management system that utilizes connected sensors and cameras to monitor traffic flow in real time. The system can analyze data to optimize traffic signal timings and reduce congestion.

Our 5G Lab As A Service

To support businesses in their 5G journey and enhance their competitive edge through innovation, we have developed the “Private 5G LaaS", a subscription-based service that delivers a complete 5G lab package to businesses. This includes a range of user devices within a single package that assist in planning, developing, and monetizing the opportunities that 5g will bring next for their companies. It provides an ecosystem to accelerate the adoption of 5G technology and its key features to develop various use cases, and end-to-end solutions. This 5G lab is designed to provide Researchers, students and faculty with hands-on experience and opportunities to explore the capabilities and applications of 5G technology.

Main Components of 5G Lab

5G Core

Establishes reliable, secure connectivity to the network for end users.

5G RAN (gNodeB)

3GPP-compliant implementation of the 5G-NR base station.

5G CPE (Router)

5G terminal device converts 5G cellular signal to Wi-Fi hotspot.

5G IoT Devices

Describe devices with sensors and processing ability.

5G-Enabled SIM Cards

Subscriber Identity Modules to insert into end-user devices.

Key Features

5G Service-Cloud Hosted
Support, Provision, Troubleshoot
Zero-Touch Security
Management Portal

What Benefits You Get

Co-Creation Platform

India’s first co-creation ecosystem, uniting industry's top minds with a singular focus on fostering innovation.

Cost-effective Solution

Our subscription-based model ensures affordability without compromising on quality.

Easy Setup

Seamless deployment and integration, minimizing disruption to your operations.

Effective Maintenance

Proactive maintenance and support to keep your 5G Lab running smoothly.

Training & Consultation

Expert guidance and training to maximize the potential of your 5G investment.

Unified Solution

A comprehensive package that covers all aspects of 5G implementation, from hardware to software.

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