Welcome to the captivating world of the automotive sector, where technological innovation reigns supreme and sets the pace for the manufacturing industry as a whole. This dynamic sector is in a state of constant evolution, serving as a driving force in the era of digitalization. By leveraging the transformative power of the Digital Enterprise solution offering, the automotive industry can turn its visionary ideas into successful cars faster and more efficiently. As the industry continues its rapid development, companies are faced with an array of new challenges that demand their attention.


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Complexity Explosion


The rise of connected cars and complex software raises security concerns for operating technology.

Supply Chain Vulnerability

Supply chain challenges from semiconductor shortages to geopolitical upheavals, are prompting automakers and suppliers to rethink their strategies.

Fleet Management

Fleet managers face challenges in tracking vehicle locations, addressing accidents and driver performance issues, and managing asset maintenance.

Driving Change for Better Solutions

Step into the Smart Connected future with Echelon Edge. With the automotive industry embracing Industry 4.0, manufacturing processes are evolving to become more intelligent, efficient, and digitally advanced. The Network Management System helps to address cybersecurity challenges. It provides centralized monitoring and management of network devices, ensuring the security and integrity of data transmitted within the network.

As the supply chain becomes more interconnected, there is a growing need for wireless networks to enhance visibility, enable faster product tracking, and ensure accurate product location. Our private network is specifically designed to unlock transformative possibilities in real-time with low latency and 5G Ultra-Wideband support. Fleet management technologies like GPS tracking platforms, IoT sensors, and integrated vehicle sensors generate huge amounts of data. The Big data analytics platform, Data Quipo, can drive impactful insights and provide real-time analysis to get a clear picture of ongoing fleet trends.

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