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8 Ways to Change Business with ITSM Automation !!

Defects and redundancies sometimes become part of running a business and these take up all the time and effort that can be used for higher-value work. This is where automation comes to help to eliminate all the errors. In this blog, we are going to check out the best 8 ways to leverage the automation of IT Service Management.

With ITSM automation organizations can easily streamline various business processes that can decrease the cost of technical and business services. It even aids in enhancing productivity by eliminating all the mundane and redundant tasks. When you automate the ITSM functionalities, you get to improve the customer experience and quality of service with
proper prioritization.

Let’s start with ways to use ITSM automation to improve products, services and customer satisfaction.

1. Automated Workflows:

It’s true that with ITSM automation only the easiest and the most redundant tasks are automated and this can’t result in effective cost-saving. But think about all the time that your technical team members will get for other crucial tasks. Complex projects can be given enough attention. Additionally, when the organization is comfortable with low-level automation, it can try moving on to the newer automation technology.

2. IT help desks get an automated ticketing system:

Incident management is one of the major parts of ITSM and with automation, this process also changes. Proper incident escalation and ticket categorization can be done with an automated ITSM tool. Automated resolution of tickets is another benefit that you can’t miss out on. By combining ITSM with automation, the user experiences a significant reduction in the amount of work required in incident identification, assignment, and triage while allowing the technical teams to concentrate on resolving issues.

3. Streamlining employee onboarding:

Various firms are there that are leveraging ITSM automation to onboard new hires. Whenever a new employee joins an organization, they are required to be provided access to various internal systems connected to the company depending upon the department. Earlier people used to do this by putting requests to the IT department, but now with ITSM automation, this can be done automatically. This will result in a huge decrease in the number of requests made by the employees to the IT guys. This even implies that a large number of man-hours can be saved both in terms of wait time of the requestors and IT team time.

4. Quick change management process:

Novel strategies and systems can be troublesome for businesses and that’s why whenever you are implementing a new system change management is necessary. With ITSM automation it’s easier to make an efficient transition. With the help of a consultancy that helps with ITSM automation, the organization can establish change management best practices.

5. Automating Cloud processes:

There are a number of companies that deal with a lot of customers working with public or private cloud-based resources. An automated ITSM tool that is advanced can surely help the firm to implement such resources. Generally, the organizations include automation by generating an end-user portal where the engineers, customers, developers or any approved personnel can go for provision automation of resources in a public or private cloud. When it comes to standard ITSM processes that include change management, requests, and all other related tasks, then automated ITSM can help in that too while automating cloud processes.

6. Enhancing the customer satisfaction and user experience:

IT is a major part of ITSM, but its huge impact is on the customers and the business. When you improve the customer and client service, it acts like the end-game of ITSM automation. Thus, it’s necessary to fully take advantage of this type of automation. You can deliver a more customized experience to your clients that too very quickly.

7. Robust analytics and reporting:

With proper analytics and reporting one gets enough help from the service desk for identifying areas that require modifications both outside and inside of the workflows. Reporting through analytics and service analytics are much beyond just the flat service desk reports that are generated by gathering historical data and storing that data and utilizing pre-built reporting capabilities. These reports help in visualizing trends to make you more efficient and actionable within the organization’s service delivery strategy.

8. Ease in measuring productivity and simplifying project management:

When you have a blended workforce that is working remotely, it isn’t easy to measure productivity. When you have correctly measured your productivity, you get crucial information that can help you keep projects on track. This task can be smoothly done via ITSM automation that provides metrics like call handling time, ticket handling time, and other project timelines that can also simplify project management. This ability to easily and quickly manage projects makes everyone’s job simpler.

So, it’s clear now that any IT process which comprises manual and mundane steps can be benefitted from automation and ITSM automation is one such combination that we need in our business processes. Humans forget, but machines can’t and that’s also one other motivation to get an ITSM Automation tool.

The next big question is where to find such a tool. out Echelon Edge where your search for an automated, reliable, and fully-fledged ITSM ends. We have an intuitive, easy-to-use, and powerful ITSM that can help with all the functions including helpdesk, service desk, incident management, and more. It allows easy set-up while having everything you need for IT service delivery.

Our IT Service Management tool is created to decrease the burden on your IT team by incalculably reducing the number of incoming tickets and helping in designing a centralized knowledge base. This way multiple complexities are also reduced including complying with audit requirements, handling numerous assets, enhancing the performance of the IT HelpDesk, and enabling technicians to deploy patches remotely. Our tool is already running in various organizations and you can be the next. What are you waiting for? Give our experts a call right away and ask all your queries.

Anubhav Goel

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