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How NaaS is Accelerating Enterprise Transformation?

Managing and securing the Wide Area Network (WAN) is a complex engine. Increasing debates over Experience Economy & end customer value, especially in the post-Covid globe have agitated the demand for advanced IT solutions- well-procured, managed, secured, and investment-convenient, to be factual.  

Network-as-a-Solution (NaaS) is being beheld as a technical explanation for the above. Furthermore, sophisticated problems in end-to-end, sharp connectivity along with usage-driven paying models are seeing NaaS as an antidote. 

Popular IT research & consultation company, Gartner says that businesses are slowly arching towards NaaS. The NaaS acquisition can increase by 15% by the end of 2024. However, the number was less than 1% in 2021. 

Major areas where Naas can accelerate & transform the network management:

Before we get into the profitable deployment of NaaS into your network system, we must know what are the problems the current network strategy is struggling with:  

In-built innovation & resilience

Artificial Intelligence (AI) enablement, Machine Learning (ML), SD-WAN, 5G cellular, 100 Gb, Ethernet,  network automation, & other newer technologies aren’t only a boon but also a game for experienced techies. Their profitable deployment demands well-defined & skilled personnel. 

Further, Network Troubleshooting is one of the primary justifications for NaaS to renovate current network issues. Identifying, diagnosing, & resolving the root cause of the problem reported in a computer network should be as quick as possible to operate the system efficiently.  

According to the IDC-Aruba report, 48% of the businesses found NaaS as the best in class means to be friendly with newer & advanced technology. 

With built-in upgrades & micro-level automated managing system, this becomes quick & easily manageable with lesser manual involvement. 

OPEX-based optimized investment

Businesses are tired of paying capital for buying hardware. Now, they want an easy payment means with solved traditional challenges & zero operational risk.  

NaaS falls under the convenient paying category i.e., consumption-based payment for network & IT assets. An IDC-Survey White Paper claims that 40% of the participants are craving usage-based charges to pay against the Capital Expenditure (CAPEX).  

Operational Expenditure (OPEX) backed by an efficient network management system will free up your rigid budget. This will create additional investment ability & business sustains during economic volatility. All these above will accelerate the team even in challenging landscapes to transform agreeably. 

As per Aruba, 41.3% of the survey participants are using OPEX for NaaS. They deter themselves from paying a large upfront fee for the setup. They’ll be happier to pay on the basis of consumption, per device, per user, or in terms of bandwidth, port, or the level of the said service. 

Flexible, adaptable with advanced network surveillance

Lack of flexibility in management- for example, colocation, on-premises, or cloud-based management changes & services along with ineptitude to adapt faster to newer features & technologies– are among the major concerns of new-age enterprises. 

Here, the NaaS model fulfils numerous real business benefits like- flexibility, better network administration, refined priorities, & optimized expenditure. 

Better penetration in edge locations

Organisations and enterprises want to penetrate the edge locales & remote areas to reach a wider range. But the limitation of network management in concern with outdated weak infrastructure hinders the stretches.  

While in NaaS, any issue raised in these areas can be settled by connecting with its nearest Point of Presence (PoP) via strong cloud edge services. If we study this survey, 75% of the infrastructure of edge areas will run on the said technology. The exact study says that by the end of 2024, more than half of the Data Centre Infrastructure will be operated on either NaaS or similar means. 

Value-oriented growth

Your customer experience matters the most, sooner or later. Seamless, end-to-end user connectivity with clear sounds, and active call routing, that bolsters your business is attainable through NaaS. This will shift your focus back to the business rather than upsetting your IT issues unnecessarily. 

Analytics & performance reports are unavoidable for a healthy infrastructure to run smoothly. Different NaaS service providers can allow your system to get strong & systematic real-time analytics & working history statements.  

According to the report, 64% of corporates find Data Loss as their primary cloud concern. NaaS secure & stronger data storage & management protocol has the key to shielding your Data Centre. 

The advanced data protection system will deploy solutions to their customer’s pain points and so, enhance your brand value. Also, days are gone when product features were sold. Now customized value proposition & ROI is at the top of all. 

The Conclusion

NaaS is allowing enterprises to streamline & help businesses & corporates to enhance their agility & resilience. This is achievable through its on-demand, self-service facility. Consumption-based OPEX working model along with a flexible scaling system makes NaaS transform your network architecture & thus, the SLAs and KPIs 

Additionally, as per a statement by Gartner, there is no evidence that the enterprises will pay less in NaaS-based network management. But the in-built features in NaaS can help you to advance in your business considerably. 

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