Top IT Infrastructure Management Challenges & How to Overcome Them?

Modern IT teams are trying to bring a balance between different systems while simultaneously responding to the issues they each present. Irrespective of the industry, IT infrastructure management can be linked to the challenges it brings in maintaining networks, servers, data storage, firewalls, and backup systems. This implies it is now even more difficult to comprehend and solve issues related to IT infrastructure.

In this blog, we are going to explore the most substantial IT infrastructure management challenges that are faced by new-age organizations.

  • Increase in Level of Complexity: Though IT infrastructure has never been easier to handle, techniques to manage have drastically changed in the past few years. To the old school IT managers, the modern IT infrastructure managemnet would be nearly unrecognizable.

Also, due to the availability of chatbots, it is even more difficult for those unfamiliar with automation technologies to get a clear understanding of the system. For example, there’s a network engineer working at a retail enterprise might not want to adapt to automated systems due to a lack of knowledge and capability to accommodate advanced technology.

Infrastructure management Complexity

Solution: Network engineers think that it is more complex work with modern IT infrastructures management, but these actually will save more time to handle larger tasks as the more granular tasks can be automated. Indeed, there is a learning curve to such systems. Moreover, the benefits of built-in scripting capabilities include maintaining the uptime and keeping the admins engaged in their work without getting affected by repetitive tasks.

Likewise, IT systems having self-healing capabilities can automatically sense when they aren’t fully utilized and make required changes to repair themselves. Initially, these offered capabilities can be a challenge to the IT administrators, still, they need to address that they also provide various benefits.

  • Lack Integration & Vendor Agnostic: When we talk about IT infrastructure, then it is a collection of different types of services and features offered by other vendors. Here different services are responsible for managing their own software and interface. Sometimes the organization combines different vendor solutions as per their needs. This makes it difficult to build a truly custom-fit network and a mixed infrastructure might lead to feature overlap. This may cause authentication issues in the network infrastructure.
Infrastructure Management Vendor freedom

Solution: The primary concern here is flexibility and agility and the fact that the organization needs to adopt a network infrastructure that can acclimatize the exact requirements. This creates the need for a Linux-based solution that comprises multi-vendor environments that come with 100% customization options. This converges the entire IT infrastructure and provides the required solution.

  • Legacy Devices: As networks are getting advanced, older devices need to be decommissioned. The legacy devices have now become outdated and not capable of working with modern software. As a result, an outdated network will slow down the workflow and can also bring security risks as security programs face difficulty in protecting the data.

For modern networks, such devices can pose a serious issue as despite their inherent flaws companies still use them. The teams have to keep them around due to the high replacement costs. For example, around 53% of the healthcare devices are still operating on Windows 7 that not even Microsoft supports anymore. The data on the devices isn’t properly protected and continuous device update is required.

Infrastructure Management Legacy Devices

Solution: Though the traditional devices can’t cooperate with modern network applications on their own, one can utilize specialized equipment to bring them into the IT infrastructure. This way the business owners can enjoy the best of both worlds, as they get to keep the most familiar systems. There are various applications that allow IT, administrators, to monitor and secure legacy devices using a centralized UI. These applications offer a long-term solution if the company desires and can also be used when the organization completely shifts to modern infrastructure.

Overcoming IT Network Management Challenges

With IT management solutions the organizations get to relish availability and flexibility for modern-day network needs while working with any multi-vendor or legacy systems. All these features are meant to unite devices and hardware under an individual, user-friendly user interface. That uses AI and automation to reduce the burden of routine tasks and allow focusing on other specialized tasks. In the end, you need to look for solutions that are scalable and offer opportunities to grow your business.                   

Anubhav Goel

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