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Data mediation improves the customer experience by ensuring that correct and complete data has been collected from across the mobile, fixed, and converged networks with multi-vendor equipment and disparate IT systems and is processed timely and accurately.Operators can use Edge Med as the common data harvesting platform for all networks and IT systems to interface with downstream BSS and OSS systems.


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BSS stands for Business Support Systems and when we talk about BSS Mediation and then it is defined as a fully scalable data collection, procession, and distribution system. With mediation, the customers get data distribution and data collection adapters that they can easily integrate with any type of telecom infrastructure incorporating charging gateways, exchanges, GSN nodes, and data sources like databases.

Various northbound permits controlling the system when its running besides other systems (umbrellas) for running on-demand data processing scenarios. In the case of a call, the usage details records are mostly referred to as call detail records and amongst the broadband carriers, they are called internet protocol detail records.

Through mediation, even the event detail records or EDRs are processed that are generally created by the charging systems or any other network elements. Thus, mediation platforms like ours can process all xDRs created by any of the network elements like EDR, CDR, or UDR.

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Edge Mediation

What is Edge Med?

Edge Med is a converged Mediation tool that resides between the data generators, like network or IT nodes, and the data consumers, which are the downstream operations and business support systems.

Our mediation system allows filtering out the irrelevant type of data, collect the fractional data records, and convert it according to the format needed by the data consumers. The current business environment is in desperate need for mediation, especially the one that deals with complex networks. New protocols, new formats, new technologies and innovative, dynamic business models entail a convergent mediation platform that can bond all the network elements with the Operations and Business Support Systems (OSS/BSS).

What features are included

Key Features

Mediation Features
Agile Mediation

Support a state-of-the-art web-based interface, it is possible to access key functionalities remotely from any device.

LTE Capabilities

Fast solution deployment in key areas such as charging and billing in Volte.

Integration Capability

Is capable of integrating with legacy systems and helps service providers enhance multi-service revenue streams, unify operations, and optimize network architecture.

Mediation Features
All-in-one Mediation Solution

Our mediation tool is a perfect all-in-one solution for a variety of business needs. It comes with a wide range of capabilities that allow OSS/BSS transformation and take advantage of all the available data to help in taking more informed business decisions.

IT Systems Interworking

The aim of OSS/BSS transformation is to increase flexibility and speed, but during any system evolution, different components will evolve at a different pace. Legacy systems are required to interoperate and coexist with the present-day business support systems in distinctive stages of transformation.

Advanced Capabilities


Usage Event Collection and Validation

Event Collection and Validation

File Level and Event Level duplicate detection

File Level and Event Level duplicate detection

Filtration, Editing & Error Processing

Filtration, Editing & Error Processing

CDR formatting & high functional capability.

CDR formatting & high functional capability

Aggregation and Correlation

Aggregation and Correlation

User-Friendly GUI

User-Friendly GUI

Advanced features of next-gen BSS

Why Edge Med?

features of next-gen BSS
Connecting complexity

The Edge Data Mediation Platform helps you make sense of massive amounts of raw data coming in from hundreds of diverse systems and locations. No matter what data or systems you need to connect, even offline mainframes, we have got you covered. We collect, connect, and process any data from any source at any volume without any data loss.

Edge Mediation
Enabling usage-based business models

By understanding your usage data, we can help you bring to market usage-based services, products, and pricing. Our Data Mediation platform gives the operator an intuitive service creation environment enhanced by software applications for common and well-defined use cases, along with a configuration toolbox. This permits quicker introduction and legitimatizing of services. It even allows the operators to configure their system effortlessly, and set up the needed billing and revenue management atmosphere for their business.

Enabling usage-based business models
Binding data to a user or identity

Our platform cleans, correlates, and aggregates all of your usage data, and binds it in real-time to a specific user or identity. This generates a completely precise picture of the usage for revenue systems and business. Transform unstructured usage data (ASN, CSV, BCD, etc) into high quality, structured events. Our out-of-the-box transformation capabilities go well beyond what standard billing platforms can provide.

Binding data
Handles Data Growth

Edge Mediation excels as the central converged mediation system in an environment of extreme data growth, supplying simplicity and scale across services and systems. With simple to understand business flows comes on-demand vertical and horizontal scaling without much effort. This aids the operator in managing data growth while reducing the operational costs.

Handles Data Growth
Constructs Business Intelligence

Our mediation platform combines the customer usage patterns from various sources like mobile networks, IP, network infrastructures over a single platform. Simultaneously, it offers ease in organizing data in a multi-network, multi-service atmosphere required for comprehending the needs of the customers and describing fine layers of segmentation while facilitating high levels of targeting and differentiation in the competitive industry.

Constructs Business Intelligence
Enables Revenue Assurance

It contains advanced functions that allow the operator to track and act on billing information to enable revenue assurance through instant indicators that lower revenue loss risk. It permits the addition of “probes” at different stages of the business flows in order to track information. With predefined reports one can get all primary data points with a few clicks. Also, with the help of custom reporting tool clients can design their own reports.

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