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A provisioning management system for networks aids in controlling the most crucial components of equipping, preparing and maintaining services for new and existing customers.


provisioning management

The term “provisioning” refers to the process of enabling and activating a new service or feature in the network or updating/deleting an existing service or feature in the network. Since provisioning can be a complex process with many steps and possible contingencies, companies use provisioning systems to formalize and automate their procedures.

EdgeProv Provisioning system tracks the progress of each step in the workflow. In the event that error conditions arise, such as a communications failure between EdgeProv Provisioning system and the HSS system, EdgeProv Provisioning system notify failure of that order to SOE system.

Also, our provisioning system is designed on latest technology and has a robust architecture. Echelon Provisioning system supports provisioning for various types of networks, such as IMS (IP Multi-media Subsystem) networks, wireless networks, and access networks. Examples of kinds of services that Echelon Provisioning system can provision include: 2G/3G/4G, LTE, VoLTE, CVoIP, PES, PBX, and DSL.

EdgeProv Provisioning

What features are included

Why EdgeProv?

Provisioning Feature

EdgeProv requires less development efforts for integrating new network element or new commands within same network elements.

RDBMS based architecture to support for better logging, tracking and auditing.

It even allows easy configuration of new commands using templates for an existing Network Element adapter. Current systems are designed in a way that even for small changes in any command, there is dependency on the vendor. Ours is designed in a way that end users can themselves configure new commands.

bss provisioning

Support of multiple protocols like MML, Telnet, HTTP/HTTPS, SOAP, CORBA, LDAP, FTP/sFTP etc.

It has an integrated GUI which can be used for various tasks like monitoring, configuration, maintenance and analytics.

It offers support for both synchronous and asynchronous orders processing. Currently deployed provisioning systems supports only one mode of orders processing. Higher order processing rates under various conditions can be achieved by using both synchronous and asynchronous modes.

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