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Echelon Edge Teralytics

So, what is Data Warehouse? Data Warehousing is referred to as a procedure that involves collecting and managing the data from a variety of sources to provide some meaningful business insights. When we talk about Data Warehouse, then it allows connecting and analyzing business-related data from heterogeneous sources. This is the core of the Business Intelligence system.

Teralytix by Echelon Edge is a robust product, which complies with all the Dataware house requirements to meet the TRAI/DOT guidelines. It is scalable to accommodate the changes, e.g addition of new fields, etc., requested by TRAI/security agencies from time to time.

Teralytix application provides a front-end interface to end-users to fetch CDR data on different parameters and will be MNP compliant. This application aimed at providing speedy CDR data retrieval to authorized persons of the corresponding zone.

Data Warehouse

Salient features

Functional Key features

Teralytics Salient Features
  • Role-Based user authentication (User of a particular circle will have access to only that circle’s CDR)
  • Input parameter interface (Mobile Number / IMEI and date for which CDR needs to fetch)
  • Web Based / CSV File / PDF report download option
  • Application is MNP compliant
  • Scalable to accommodate the changes, e.g addition of new fields, etc. with minor customization /changes.
Teralytics Feature
  • Any third-party product URL can be incorporated into the dashboard
  • Reconciliation of Data digger CDRs with input CDRs.
  • Data Loading and Reporting performance is highly improved
  • Dedicated servers for application and database having the latest versions of software required for better database response
  • Highly tailored to meet end customer’s requirement

What features are included

Technical Features

Teralytics Technical Feature

Data Loading and Reporting performance is highly improved (nearly double) in comparison to the legacy system.

Dedicated database server (12 CPU machine with UNIX based OS) will be there for application database having latest versions of software required for better database response.

The application has been hosted on SSL (Secure Socket Layer) with a secure certificate. So, the current system is very less prone to external threats.

Technical Feature

CDR data will be routed to Oracle 11g/12 C/PostgreSQL which will enhance extraction and loading speed and fewer errors & rejected records while processing the files.

The application layer will be hosted on a dedicated high-end window-based server which will interact with the database and users separately.

Highly tailored to meet end customer’s requirement.It works on open source (Centos/RHEL and PostgreSQL DB) also which saves license cost for the customer.

CDR's supported by Teralytix

Supported CDRs

It supports all kinds of CDRs and also others (Can be easily integrated to load and display any type of CDRs).

GSM MSC – Voice /SMS




Teralytix Incorporates these


Teralytix Methodologies
  • Three-tier architecture is designed to enhance speed.
  • Offers reliability and security.
  • Application layer, Database layer, and user layers are kept separated.

User interfaces of Teralytix

How it Looks?

User Interface Teralytix


Secure Login

This is the first page of the application where every user has to login with his/her credentials. Login is restricted based on IP.

teralytix Dashboard


Bilateral Dashboard

It’s like the home page of the application where the user can view different types of statistics and an overall view of data and its related status.

Teralytix user management


All-in-one User Management

On the user management tab the user can create, delete, and modify the details. New users can also be added as per their roles like admin user, zonal user, etc.

user audit


Comprehensive User Audit View

On the user audit page session detail of all the users is listed. The executive can find out at what time which user was active.

user detail


All-Inclusive User Detail Page

The details related to the users can be viewed on this page. Username, mobile number, email, role, circle, IP address and user type are visible in this section.

report dashboard


Interactive Report Dashboard

On this page, the user can see the Reports module that provides different types of reports as per the business requirements. New reports can also be added.

daily status report


Daily Updated Status Report

With Daily Reports the user can see the total number of queries entered on a particular day. Details like query time, IMEI, IMSI, First Cell ID, In Roamer, INTL No, etc. are available in this section.

app health status


Instant Application Health Check

Here the user can check to perform application health check and verify if the application is working fine.

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