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Digital Transformations are driving broad changes in the telecom industry. CSPs have a large number of opportunities within their reach; these have been enabled by both the introduction of 5G and the broader ‘digital society’ wave that is reshaping economic flows and disrupting traditional supplier/distributor value chains.

Challenges in the industry

Changes to customer behaviour and the market environment

Customers’ preferences and expectations have changed dramatically over the past decade

Legacy architecture framework

Most CSPs’ incumbent systems are disparate and disjointed, which makes it very challenging to update or launch new products in a timely manner.

5G roll-outs will enforce a paradigm shift

5G is the most prominent driver of ongoing telecoms investments and is a key influencer of how CSPs should evolve their architecture and operations frameworks to be better prepared for emerging opportunities.

Primary Building Blocks of Edge BSS

Digital customer engagement

What consumers want is access to digital channels that are self-sufficient and having the ability to have control over their interactions. This allows more engagement.

Digital monetisation

The introduction of web-friendly, HTTP/2-based interactions to replace the traditional diameter interfaces is the key factor that is drawing CSPs’ immediate attention to the transformation of their monetisation platforms.

Digital marketplaces

Partner ecosystems and multi-dimensional value chains will play a key role in helping CSPs to unlock the enterprise opportunity.

Our Solution Offerings

Echelon Edge comes with an agile, configurable and scalable Edge BSS that can swiftly respond to market changes and new opportunities.

Digital marketplaces

Customer & Partner Portal
Configure Price Quote (CPQ)
Commercial Catalogue
Consumer Lifecycle Management

Digital Business

Converged Charging

Digital Operations

Service fulfillment & Orchestration
Provisioning &

Edge BSS Solution Benefits

Advantage Through Differentiation
Customised CX
Customer Management
Resource Management
Monetize Growth Engines
More Business Agility

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