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Intelligent Big Data Solution

Data analytics is the root of development and when it is managed in the right manner it can surely take businesses to advanced levels. But it’s not an easy job to manage very large and diverse big data sets. Big data analytics fuel better and faster decision-making accompanied by predictions of future outcomes.

Challenges in the industry

Lack of Skilled Resources

Advanced data analytics tools need highly competent data scientists who understands Big Data evaluation and can work on variety and volume of data.

Bringing Extensive Data to Big Data Platform

With each passing day more and more data is being generated. But loading and transforming such huge amount of data can be challenging at times.

Uncertainty of Data Management

Though there are numerous options when it comes to data analytics tool. But choosing the best one without being familiar to current data management advancements is risky.

Answer to all your data needs

Data Quipo to answer all your data integration and engineering needs including ETL (Extract, Transform, Load), ELT (Extract, Load, Transform), CDC (Change Data Capture), ingestion, data preparation, machine learning, streaming analytics, advanced analytics and much more. It allows businesses to augment large data sets to discover specific patterns, correlate data points and uncover hidden insights.

Let’s say, various types of data being generated in real-time and at very large scale from sensors, devices, video/audio, networks, log files, transactional applications, web and social media. With Data Quipo, businesses get the complete view of entire data and can streamline their data integration and related operations while improving efficiency, accuracy, and throughput.

Key Capabilities

AI Infused Data Digging

Machine learning–based automated valuation models to calculate real - time valuations that dynamically update with every new data point.

Powering Effective Decision Making

Allowing organizations to identify new opportunities and leverage their insights to make strategic decisions.

Customized Ingestion

Create ETL to integrate with real-time and batch data sources in minutes, not in days.

Use Cases

Customer Segmentation

There is an unimaginable variety of people and personalities in the world, a potential market...

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Sentiment Analysis Tool

Though businesses run on profit agenda, they have to cater to the commercial needs...

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