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Echelon’s IT Service Management system is very simple to use and allows easy set up while having everything you need for IT service delivery.


echelon edge help desk

Every business wants their customers/clients to talk to them in a way that they feel confident and assured. Our ITSM is aligned with helpdesk that is intuitive, simple and powerful.

It allows breaking the silos and offer seamless integration by workflow automating the procedures and reducing the manual intervention. No business wants their customers to wait for response to their queries and that’s where our helpdesk software comes into the picture. You can define the violation actions and SLA which helps in quick ticket resolution and leave the customers with a happy experience.

You’ve gained knowledge about your customers and their common queries, so don’t let all this go in vain. You can build a robust knowledge base with Edge Helpdesk software that will allow your customers to help themselves. You can offer your customers a choice and an added convenience to raise the tickets via phone, email, conversation with an executive or request portal. Also, the customers can ask the executives to raise the ticket for them after having a conversation.

Echelon edge ITSM

Advance Functionalities of Edge ITSM

Edge Helpdesk – with an all-inclusive View

Incident Management

With incident management it is easier to track the life cycle of all the tickets and hence build circumstances by creating links between the data points and talk directly to the customers while using an inbuilt collaboration functionality.

multi level workflow automation
Multi-Level Workflow Automation

The monotonous and repetitive tasks can be avoided with the help of sequential automation. You can design various criteria to automate the functions that are repetitive in nature, like assigning tickets of priority to a specific technician.

mobile app
Mobile App

Allow the technicians to resolve the tickets from any remote location via app. An app not only allows finding solutions, but also let the executives create new tickets and modify the current ones.

knowledge base
Knowledge Base

This is like a directory where the user can find solutions to the tickets in the knowledge base articles written by the experts. One can add the common FAQs and the content that can provide solution to various common issues of the customers.

self-service portal
Self-Service Portal

With self-service portal the customers can raise and track tickets from the self-service portal. This permits them to find the solutions of their issues on their own by using the knowledge base content.

Key Features of Helpdesk

Why Edge Helpdesk?

 echelon edge analytics


Customized dashboards makes it easier to focus on key performance indicators. This allows businesses to perform tasks efficiently.


echelon edge collaboration


One can send a message to other executives or requester directly through a ticket. Easy collaboration implies faster services.


echelon edge sla


Easy and Quick resolution of the tickets by describing the SLA policies related to each ticket having distinctive escalation criteria.


split ticket

Split Ticket

Another ticket can be created from a ticket. This offer ease of management when handling queries from the same customer.


universal search

Universal Search

The executives can search any tickets utilizing various search options and keywords.


smart balance assignments

Smart Balance Assignments

Automatic assignment of tickets depending upon the technician group.


chat server

Chat Server

Customers can have a chat with the technicians on the self-service portal.


What benefits are included

Advantages of ITSM Helpdesk

itsm helpdesk
Quick Response

As approval automation is there, the executives can offer quick response within a specified time.

Decreased Redundancy

Repetitive tasks are eliminated through auto assignment, workflow automation and SLA ( Service Level Agreement ).

echelon edge productivity
Enhanced Productivity

As the executives can effortlessly view a ticket through audit trail & communication history, performance is improved.

Self Service Portal

Customers can find solutions of common queries from the knowledge base and can even get a ticket themselves.

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