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Edge ITSM is an ITIL compliant end-to-end incident management software that aids in reporting, responding, preventing and investigating incidents. It creates a record of every event based on various parameters like what, who, where and when. The investigators can easily feed the incident related data into the case records for better reporting, tracking and analysis. With incident management, the businesses can reduce the impact of failure on the business processes, as it allows sticking to the best possible Service Level Agreement.

With Edge Incident Management, you can effortlessly raise tickets through customer portal, email or through direct conversation with the technician. Before assigning a ticket to an executive, our system uses the smart logic and considers the support level and technician group. Job of technicians also gets easier, as they just have to checkout the Relations, Audit Trails and collaboration history to build a context.

Ensure Efficient Incident Management and Persistent Service Uptime With our high-quality incident management system, the businesses can streamline their IT service delivery by systemizing incident and request handling procedures. Also, it eliminates any scope of duplication of errors and assures availability of precise information and decreases the operational costs via automation. Thus, clients get to manage and track all the tickets available in the service desk with ease.

edge itsm

process of Incident Management

How ITSM Incident Management works ?

Incident logging

Incidents that come from the customers are logged. Then the incident is identified and logged as a ticket in the IT Service Management logs.


Incident assignment

According to the type of ticket, category and severity the ticket is assigned to the most suitable executive.


Incident Categorization

Quick resolution of the tickets by describing the SLA policies related to each ticket having distinctive escalation criteria.


Incident prioritization

Priority of an incident can be termed as high, medium or low based on its impact on the customers.


Incident tracking

Ticket that is logged must include the necessary information required for SLA adherence like incident description, date and time, etc.


Incident closure

Closure includes resolving of the incident by diagnosing, escalating, finding the solution, recovering and providing closure.


Salient features

Key features

incident management features
  • Feedback
  • Collaboration
  • Merge Requests
  • Customize Form
  • Multi-Channel Support
  • Smart Load Balancer
  • Bulk Update
  • Tier Based Incident Management
incident-management feature
  • Knowledge Base
  • SMS Notification
  • Empowered People
  • Allow/Disallow Emails and Domains
  • Splitting of a Ticket
  • Easily Export Ticket Details
  • Associate an Asset with a Ticket
  • Scenario Automation

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