How Percipient NMS Mitigates Network Outage Consequences? 

Protect Your Enterprise - The Hidden Costs of Network Outages

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Network outages and periods of system inactivity can result in significant financial and time losses. Downtime can incur substantial costs, running into thousands of dollars per minute and even more per hour. For any business, it is crucial to proactively prevent network interruptions to avoid potentially catastrophic impacts on revenue, productivity, and an influx of customer complaints. 

An IT outage can extend far beyond being a mere inconvenience for both employees and clients; it can have a cascading effect that affects nearly every aspect of your business operations. Network Outages can result in reduced revenue due to lost sales, and business opportunities, as well as additional expenses such as lost wages, depleted inventory, labor, and marketing costs. They can also inflict damage on your reputation, and depending on the nature of the outage, you might even lose valuable data. Moreover, there could be financial consequences, including potential banking charges or legal sanctions, for not adhering to the agreed service standards. 

The actual impact on your bottom line varies depending on your organization’s business model, its size, and the extent to which it relies on IT systems. 

But what if you have robust backup procedures, advanced network monitoring tools, and ample redundancies in place, yet still struggle with downtime? 

Download the attached PPT to delve deeper into this issue and explore potential solutions. 

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