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Frequent downtimes not only reduce the ROI but also affect the development of the business. Incorporate Echelon Edge Infrastructure Monitoring Tool & Reach Your Business Goals.


infrastructure monitoring

Salient Functionality features

Fully-Fledged Infrastructure Monitoring tool

Our fully-fledged Infrastructure Monitoring tool comes with the following features:

Cloud-Ready Integrations

There are a variety of integrations that allows you to collect and report events and metrics across the entire stack. The customers get a real-time view of the cloud infrastructure or the organization.

  • Our tool can start working within a few minutes and has state-of-the-art dashboards, alerts, and anomaly detection rules.
  • Numerous context-aware filters perform slice and dice.
  • MTTR is cut down by troubleshooting and spotting infrastructure performance issues quicker no matter where these issues are occurring in the cloud, on-premise, or in any hybrid environment.
cloud ready integrations

Server Monitoring

The customers can check the metrics about the present and past utilization of the servers and cloud platforms.

  • Users can check network, memory, CPU, disk usage, load network, IO, and various other metrics.
  • An aggregate top-down view for the entire infrastructure is visible.
  • The data can be filtered using disks, hosts, tags, network interfaces, and more.
  • Alerts are received related to metrics.
  • Visualization is used for capacity planning.
server monitoring

Network Monitoring

Echelon Edge Network Infrastructure Monitoring Tool not just monitors infrastructure, network , and metrics, but also performs real-time mapping of the entire network. The monitored servers and containers can also be mapped. Communication data is collected and auto-discovered including transmission and receiving rates. This allows the user to:

  • The whole network infrastructure can be viewed in the form of a dynamic network map
  • Network performance monitoring is performed with real-time transmission and receiving rates and ports being utilized for communication.
  • Users can relish multiple map views with panning, zooming, and filtering
  • Monitored network interfaces are easily controlled
  • Uninteresting endpoints are filtered
network monitoring

Efficient Infrastructure Monitoring

Benefits of Infrastructure Monitoring Services

Infrastructure Monitoring
In-depth visibility of insights

Modern networks involve complex hardware that can’t be dealt well with the ordinary infrastructure tools. With our tools managing such complex networks will be simplified, as you’ll only get the right information for all the defined roles in the network.

Echelon Edge insights
Performance, Fault and Availability Monitoring

Network performance-related issues are resolved quickly without wasting any time, thus preventing downtime.

Performance, Fault and Availability Monitoring
Cross-Stack Network Data Correlation

Clients can comfortably drag and drop network performance metrics for instant visual correlation across the whole network.

Cross-Stack Network Data Correlation
Speed Troubleshooting

With our network monitoring tools, you can accelerate the troubleshooting process allowing you to invest more time in running an actual business and not network firefighting. Users can effortlessly detect, diagnose, and even resolve network performance issues.

Speed Troubleshooting
Advantageous hop-by-hop network infrastructure path analysis

Users can view traffic, performance, and configuration details of applications and devices that are located in the cloud or situated on-premise.

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