A Well structured Self-Service Reuseable
Knowledge base for your customers

Echelon’s IT Service Management system is very simple to use and allows easy set up while having everything you need for IT service delivery.


knowledge management

A knowledgebase is created knowledge, solution and workarounds with the team members and the customers in order to reduce redundancy and offer a seamless experience to the customers. With this, you create a self-service portal where the customers can find the solution of the issues they are facing on their own. This not only reduces the workload, but reduces the number of support requests and saves time.

Generally, in a knowledgebase a company capture, share, store, and manage all the IT service-related information that offers convenience to cross-functional teams. With knowledge management an organization can make IT operations like resolving incidents, implementing changes, fulfilling requests, and solving problems efficient and effective.

With knowledge base you also get to relish the ease to add data through user guides, articles and FAQs. The content can be easily organized into folders and there’s no limit to it, as you can create as many articles and QAs you want. Similar content can be grouped together and a topic can be given to them to make it easier for the customers to explore.Organization itself is the author of the knowledgebase, thus the employees can easily control the visibility of the content and who gets to see what. Specific content can be made for the requesters and the technicians.

knowledge management


Colossal Information at Your Fingertips

With our highly equipped IT Service Management system, the user gets to harness the power of self-service and knowledge transfer. The knowledge management module is meant to decrease the time that one takes to find the solution of a particular issue. Articles are published and created from scratch, similar articles are identified or imported to the knowledge base from any external source.

Echelon Edge’s knowledge base system is like an entire framework that helps your technical team to seek the information they need at any given instant of time.

process of Knowledge Management

Prevent Redundancies with Knowledge Management

Discover Knowledge

Identify the problem or the request by the customer that is reoccurring. All you have to do is jot down the important steps that are involved in troubleshooting.


Creation of Knowledge

The content like FAQs & articles that you're creating must be useful for your employees and co-workers. You can also try motivating your team members by sharing your experiences with them.

Organization of Knowledge

In order to retrieve and locate the content in an easy manner you must organize it in the folders. It will be easier for the customers also to get self help.


Assessment of Knowledge

Before publishing the content get it reviewed by the business head, so that no wrong information is published. Remember wrong knowledge is even dangerous than having no knowledge.

Share the Knowledge

The drafts and published, both the versions are required to be shared with the other team members. Share it to someone who actually utilize it while resolving any issue.

Reuse the Knowledge

You can reuse the previously written content by linking it in the new one. This not only saves time, but helps in quick troubleshooting.


What benefits are included

Advantages of Knowledge Management

Advantages of Knowledge Management
Internal Training

With the help of the knowledge base, new employees can be trained in the technical team. Also, the existing knowledge can help in effectively resolving the problems of the customers.

Quick Troubleshooting

Such a portal is a quick resolution to all the document related issues. This way the technicians can offer the best user experience to the customers.

Quick Troubleshooting
Self-Service Portal

A knowledge base is like a centralised body of information that offers the right approach to resolve any issues that have occurred before. The customers can help themselves with this.

Knowledge Transfer

IT team can easily share the step by step procedure of resolving any issue and transfer the knowledge without wasting much time.

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