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Analytics Tool for Solving Issues Faster Finding Hidden Risks Collecting Real Time Data

Monitor the performance of various applications and any suspicious activity across the stack with our advanced log monitoring system. It even analyses the system behavior and helps in viewing key resources and metrics.


log analytic

Salient Functionality features

Let Log Analytics make your job easier

log analytic feature

Troubleshooting with logs

Our Log Analytics application traces the issue to the root cause and permits viewing how...the components interact across the stack, recognize the correlations, and check the source code and share the related findings.


Data Analysis & Reporting

Data Analysis & Reporting

Application is designed to analyze and visualize the data to find the answers to the ... key questions, spotting patterns, tracking SLA compliance, and KPI reporting.


Modern Business Needs

Modern Business Needs

Echelon Edge Log Analytics application can do multi-tasking and offer services that are ... fast, secure, and scalable and meet the highest standards.


DevOps Integrations

DevOps Integrations

Businesses can work better when they have access to data and analysis accompanied ... by DevOps tools.


Efficient Infrastructure Monitoring

Benefits of Infrastructure Monitoring Services

nteractive Dashboards
Interactive Dashboards

Dashboards in the application are capable of monitoring behavior, health, and trends and can even utilize other dashboards for monitoring Key Performance Indicators (KPI) and related statistics.

Proactive Monitoring
Proactive Monitoring

Our tool eliminates the problems before they even start affecting the users or create any service interruptions with a proactive and continuous view of performance across the infrastructure, services, and applications. It’s easier to instantly find the patterns in the events, interconnected services, and issues. Trace information is also available about the events that can tune performance to prevent issues.

Anomaly Detection
Anomaly Detection

In case something unexpected or unknown shows up in the data log, then our Log Monitoring tool will learn the normal patterns in your log data and would depict any deviations. It also discovers any suspicious or unexpected events before they convert into issues.

proactive monitoring
Complex data visualizations for proactive monitoring

To view complex time-series data different types of charts are utilized. Users can easily compare a dataset against itself from a week or the day before through the time shift feature.

Alerts Generation
Alerts Generation

The users are allowed to create alerts on thresholds for specific log metrics, search patterns, and other conditions. In alerts, there is context such as sample events accompanied by a direct link to the events.

cooperative dashboard
Instant, cooperative dashboard sharing

The users can share single or multiple dashboards with different team members to coordinate with all the people involved. One can easily control who can manage and edit the dashboard. Dashboards can be sent to anyone through e-mail or via collaborative systems like Slack.

Live Trail
Live Trail

You get real-time updates, pattern-based filtering, and color-coding that helps you in focusing on what matters the most aspects of the data. You don’t need to have root access or to log into any remote systems.

Command center
Command center view

Dashboards are well optimized for display on bigger screens and the user can comfortably rearrange and resize the charts as per the requirements.

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