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As the transportation industry has been driven by technological advancements, huge efforts are taking place towards sustainability. Also, as the global passenger demand is continuously increasing in both mature & emerging markets, the need for eco-friendly and efficient transportation solutions becomes paramount. To thrive in this challenging environment and to drive up the increasing traffic demand, logistics & transportation companies must adapt and innovate.


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Complexity Explosion

Manual Tracking Process

Despite the advancements of IoT, companies still rely on manual tracking processes that decrease workforce productivity.

Lack of Visibility

Insufficient visibility in the supply chain can cause delays & operational inefficiencies.

Lack of Integrated Communication Channel

Fragmented communication in the logistics supply chain adversely impacts efficiency & delivery times.

Driving Change for Better Solutions

Due to rapid digitalization & advancements in technology, transportation & logistics are experiencing major transformations. As a result, customers are expecting faster, more secure, and more reliable shipping. Thus, an effective & integrated solution is needed to achieve last-mile services in a short period of time. Echelon Edge offers a range of integrated solutions that inspire these industries with their advanced capabilities, high-security measures, and exciting features.

Echelon Edge’s Percipient NMS enables real-time monitoring & provides complete visibility into the health & performance of all the digital assets. By consolidating data from various applications, physical devices, and operational platforms into a single unified interface, it offers a comprehensive view of operations. Big data analytics platform, Data Quipo collects, processes, and analyzes complex datasets in logistics management operations. It automates routine tasks, controls the fleet, schedules regular shipments, improves the customer experience while maintaining customers’ loyalty, and provides data-driven results with real-time operational visibility.

Private Network provides a closed & end-to-end communication network that assures secure & reliable communication between various stakeholders involved in the supply chain.

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