Despite facing supply chain disruptions, labor shortages, and an uncertain economic climate, the manufacturing industry has exceeded expectations in recent years. To sustain this growth, industry leaders must adopt digital technologies, implement future-oriented work strategies, and strengthen supply chain resilience.


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Complexity Explosion

Poor Inventory Management

Inefficient inventory management can have a significant impact on process manufacturing businesses, affecting not only their bottom line but also their ability to succeed in the market, with the potential for decreased profits and increased overhead expenses.

Use of Legacy Systems

Mall and medium-sized manufacturing businesses (SMBs) frequently rely on outdated legacy systems, which can result in financial losses, and operational hindrances, and raise security issues and concerns if the system is not modernized.

Unstructured Data

Managing unstructured data is one of the biggest hurdles in dealing with Big Data for manufacturers, which contains both structured and unstructured information.

Driving Change for Better Solutions

Advanced technologies like AI, Edge computing, and analytics are driving a new era of manufacturing. To keep up with increased complexity and speed, the digital enablement of the next-generation workforce is necessary.

We at Echelon Edge offer a unified solution in the manufacturing industry. Our Percipient NMS solution provides real-time insights into the network status and service inventory, which helps with asset reconstruction, service fulfillment, and prompt fault resolution. It manages service, network, and access data, and seamlessly integrates with existing and new OSS/BSS structures.

One of the most promising advanced technologies for manufacturers is Private Network services for improved quality control and secure remote troubleshooting.

Manufacturers can leverage the Big Data Analytics platform in their production processes to gain valuable insights that can help them minimize batch variability. Data Quipo deals with varieties of data such as structured, unstructured, and semi-structured.

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