Mining Industry has evolved over the years into the high-tech industry that exists today. Besides supporting thousands of jobs, this industry provides raw materials, metals, and minerals crucial to our economy and the foundations for modern living all over the world. Mining has changed over time with the advancement of technology that drives mining progress in a briskly changing world.


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Complexity Explosion

Low Connectivity

The network's coverage must be robust enough to cover various terrains in the mines. Any communication breakdown during operation could have catastrophic consequences.

Worker Well-being

Ensuring the safety of workers in mines is a major challenge, with hazards like collapsing mines, toxic gases, and dangerous machinery posing significant threats.

Difficulty in Identifying Trends

Deeper mines and complex ore bodies require advanced analytics tool to keep an eye on the performance of their operations and market trends.

Driving Change with Better Solutions

To capitalize on digital transformation, mining industries need to drive radical change. Our Smart Mining approach is all about a broader transformational approach with our end-to-end solutions. Get wireless connectivity through our Private Network solution that automates advanced operations while keeping miners safe and cutting their carbon footprint.

Our IoT Device Management can be used as a means of achieving cost and productivity optimization that manages the entire lifecycle of all the sensors and devices available in the network. Data Quipo solution integrates all the mining data that allows businesses to augment data sets while discovering specific patterns and uncovering hidden insights.

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