Network Insights

Advanced, AI Based Network Management Suite

Over the years we have seen a fair increase in complexity and number of technologies used by the world. To ensure that these technologies are scalable and analytics driven, a unified system is needed for all network management demands. Network Insights comes as the solution; a multi-technology optimization platform that allows building, launching and management of all types of networks.

Automate Your Network Paths

Our unified solution, Network Insights, encompasses a suite of products like Percipient NMS and IT Service Management (ITSM) & functionalities like Predictive Analysis, Ticketing System, Network monitoring, Advanced Traffic Analysis, Performance Management, Log Management, and Topology Discovery, all designed to offer a complete view of your network infrastructure.

Challenges in the industry

Poor network performance

Without proper network management, businesses experience poor network that can impact employee productivity and customer satisfaction.

Security vulnerabilities

In absence of network management, businesses might be at risk for security vulnerabilities, such as data breaches, unauthorized access, and malware attacks.

Inefficient use of resources

Wastage of resources, such as bandwidth, storage, and processing power, due to inefficient use or misconfiguration of network resources.

Key Capabilities

Greater visibility of end-to-end Infrastructure

By providing a centralized view of the entire network, including devices, traffic, and performance, Network Insights allows network administrators to see and identify how different components of the network are interacting and hence troubleshoot problems more quickly and efficiently

Resource Management

Provides real-time monitoring of resource utilization, allowing administrators to identify and address any bottlenecks or other issues that could impact performance.

Ensures Network Security

Network Insights help insure network security by identifying and addressing vulnerabilities, monitoring network activity, ensuring compliance, and controlling access to network resources.

Use Cases

Application Performance Monitoring

High performance application monitoring to achieve seamless consumer experience.

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Infrastructure Monitoring

The infrastructure flavors are continuously evolving from bare metal, virtualized towards cloud native.

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