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Introducing Percipient Network Monitoring System, an affordable, easy to use networking managing & monitoring solution. Our team of experts has designed it to match the high quality of service levels with an adaptive & dynamic network infrastructure.

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network management system

Modern businesses rely on the networks for all kinds of operations and thus, networking is the most crucial aspect for any business.

In this digital world, network spans globally and this implies multiple links between geographically separated data centers, private cloud and public cloud.

Such networks are very difficult to manage and require an agile and proactive Network Monitoring & Server Monitoring System (NMS). But it’s easier said than done because a reliable NMS isn’t a stress-free job.

We have created this system keeping in mind the network management needs of the Telecom companies. It offers a highly scalable solution for Service Assurance, Orchestration & Automation and allows the IT infrastructure teams to execute a set of functions required for planning, deploying, allocating, coordinating, controlling, and monitoring various network resources.


Primary role of NMS

Why to use Percipient Network Management Software?

Service Assurance & Service Fullfillment

Percipient NMS

Assure Secured & Compliant Configurations

Compliant Configurations

Fault and Performance Monitoring

Performance Monitoring





Salient features

Fully-Fledged Network Management Tool

Percipient Network Monitoring System is designed for configuring and monitoring a variety of devices like servers, storage, switches, routers, etc. one can even integrate it with various vendor specific element management system, so that there’s only one platform for managing multiple devices. It is also responsible for monitoring all the system resources that are associated with the server to comprehend the resource usage pattern and optimize them accordingly. Percipient Network Monitoring Software support all the five functional area of network management FCAPs.

Fault Management

  • It detects logs, SNMP traps, alerts and notify the user to fix the network issues in order to keep the network running in an efficient manner.
  • This even offers real time visibility, RCA capabilities, device status, generate Notifications/Alerts/Alarms and correlation.
  • The events involved are time stamped.
  • The alarms can be categorized into different categories, like Flash/Major, Emergency/Critical, Priority/Warning or Deferred/Informative depending upon the severity of the alarm.
Fault Management

Inventory Management

  • An inventory database provides detailed configuration information on network devices.
  • Common information includes models of hardware, installed modules, software images, microcode levels, and so on.
  • All these pieces of information are crucial in completing tasks such as software and hardware maintenance.
  • Authorised users can create, add, delete, update and view the network devices.
Inventory Management

Performance Management

  • It involves monitoring and measuring various aspects of performance in order to maintain the overall performance at an acceptable level.
  • A variety of interface statistics are collected from network devices so that the performance level can be measured. Such statistics are included as metrics in the SLA.
  • Statistics like drop and ignored packets are useful for diagnosing various performance-related problems. With predictive analysis the historical data is utilized to predict the future events.
  • For Network Performance Monitoring (NPM), predictive analysis is used to help the network operations’ teams to identify the potential network failures and performance issues with greater accuracy and reduced Mean Time To Repair (MTTR).
Performance Management

Advance GIS Feature

  • In this each network device is represented by a graphical element on the management platform’s console.
  • With different colors, the existing operational status of the network devices is represented.
  • This comes with polygon management, intelligent zooming, annotation management, thematic management and color-coding.
  • It is also responsible for highlighting all the links, sites, connectivity be it wired or wireless and coverage on map with drill-down capability.
Advance GIS Feature

Log Management

  • With log management you can not only collect, parse and store logs, but could also comprehend and derive meaningful data from them.
  • You can utilize the logs and machine data in a better way for meeting compliance’s & IT security.
  • You can ensure real-time high availability along with efficient data management with the use of fast& flexible search and indexing interface.
Log Management

Infrastructure Management

  • Our solution is integrated with infrastructure management which allows end-to-end view of your infrastructure.
  • The users can monitor network infrastructure, servers, applications and other components in order to optimize IT performance and reduce the cost.
Infrastructure Management

Smart and updated Digitally

Win in the Digital Age with Smart Network Monitoring Tool

Security Management

Security Management

Security management provide access to network devices and corporate resources to authorized individuals only. It also controls access to network resources based ...on roles and group profile created. It monitors users logging on to a network resource, refusing access to those who enter inappropriate access codes etc.


Accounting Management

Accounting Management

It measures network utilization parameters so that individual or group users on the network can be regulated appropriately for the purposes of accounting. Analysis of the data gathered ...provides insight into current usage patterns


Report Generation

Report Generation

This module analyse data in graphical & tabular formats, download all reports in multiple formats (.xls, .csv, HTML, pdf etc.). Design and generate multiple customized ... reports e.g. performance reports, Alarm reports, Predictive Analytics reports, IP traffic over a specified historical period, status of critical router interfaces etc. These Alarm/reports can be sent over email also.


Salient features

Key features

nms feature
  • Comes with a User-friendly Front-End GUI & a universal search option
  • Presents consolidated data for individual elements
  • Help in viewing Real-Time Performance data
  • Performance page auto refreshes in defined time
  • Graphs created for the service data is downloadable for the user
nms key feature
  • Displays maps for the service data
  • Advanced Filter options are available
  • Authorized users can create, delete and modify topology views
  • Gives information about the status of the device, last down time, count of the services based on the severity
  • Automatically discover and identify devices attached to the network

Key features with advance Technology

Be on Top of Infrastructure with our NMS

etwork Performance
Real Time Network Performance Updates & Visualizations

Our network monitoring system can compile information available on the network performance metrics. It allows view of performance insights and detail about how the network is performing.

Automatic Network Device
Automatic Network Device Discovery & Mapping

Percipient Network Monitoring System also discovers new devices automatically, so that if the device is suffering a malfunction you can detect it.

redictive Analysis
Predictive Analysis and Anomaly Detection

With predictive analysis one can get insights of the data and anomaly detection allows finding faster and more fool proof methods of anticipating threats in the network.

Network Configuration Management
Network Configuration Management

Percipient Network Management System allowed automated scheduled backups at central repository and data recovery.

Natural Scalability
Natural Scalability

Our network monitoring tool is able to handle an unlimited number of devices.

Log Management & Analysis
Log Management & Analysis

Our system offers secure and scalable monitoring and logging services with fast and powerful search. You can correlate logs with infrastructure and application metrics, extract business KPIs from logs and then automatically detect the field and type.

Intelligent Performance Alerts
Intelligent Performance Alerts, Notifications & Faults

Whenever there’ll be any network monitoring issue, our system will alert your team about that via a notification system.

Performance Issue Diagnostics
Performance Issue Diagnostics and Root Cause Analysis

This helps in identifying what’s happening on the network. It also reduces the time between when a problem occurs and when the team fixes it.

Dashboard Customization
Dashboard Customization

By offering some level of customization, the employees feel more comfortable using it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Network Management System or NMS is defined as a set of applications that allows network engineers to manage the independent components of a network available in a bigger network management framework. It can perform several key functions like monitoring, configuring, updating, troubleshooting and identifying network elements.

Functions of Network Management Services include:

  1. Infrastructure Monitoring
  2. Log Management/Log Analytics
  3. Fault Management
  4. Inventory Management
  5. Performance Management
  6. Security Management
  7. Accounting Management.

Network Management System comes with the following benefits:

  1. Network issues can be managed with ease
  2. Network downtime can be avoided
  3. Better network performance
  4. Keeps the data safe all the time through continuous network monitoring
  5. Client network usage can be managed with confidence
  6. Immediate ROI is gained
  7. Growing and changing networks are comfortably managed
  8. Security threats are identified immediately
  9. Justify equipment upgrades
Network administrators rely on network monitoring systems in order to quickly detect the connection and device failures including traffic bottlenecks that limits the data flow.Such tools can send an alert to the administrators about network issues through email, text or delivery reports while performing network analytics.

While choosing a network monitoring tool, you should contemplate the amount of virtualization your network has. Different types of network management software differ in their ability to offer visibility in a virtualized environment. Also, choose a solution that offers the following functionalities:

  1. Assist with capacity planning
  2. Enhances the overall network reliability
  3. Tracks with activity trends across the network
  4. Helps in viewing network topology
  5. Streamlines the troubleshooting process if issues arise

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