Echelon Edge Percipient Attains ITIL 4 Certification

Announcing Echelon Edge's ITIL 4 Certification for Percipient

We’re thrilled to share that Echelon Edge Pvt. Ltd. has achieved the coveted ITIL 4 Certification from PeopleCert for its Percipient platform. This achievement is a significant milestone for us which showcases our ongoing dedication to provide reliable & innovative solutions worldwide. With this certification, we are further empowered to expand our global reach with increased confidence.

Echelon Edge has become the first OEM in India to achieve all three feats: ITIL V4 certification, IPR/Copyright, and CMMI 3 accreditation. This accomplishment will help to strengthen our position as a leader in the industry.

After undergoing a thorough series of rigorous assessments, Echelon Edge Percipient received official recognition from an accredited consultant at PeopleCert for its alignment with the following best practices: 

  • Incident Management 
  • Service Request Management 
  • Problem Management 
  • Service Level Management 
  • Change Enablement 
  • Knowledge Management 

Percipient ITSM stands as a robust platform providing an integrated and comprehensive approach to IT Service Management. It enables users to effectively submit, monitor, and oversee ticket requests, serving as a centralized hub where users can seek assistance for troubleshooting, find answers to inquiries, and resolve known issues efficiently. 

Distinguished by its modern and intuitive interface, our tool enhances user experience while streamlining processes. Additionally, Percipient ITSM incorporates built-in AI and analytics capabilities, enabling organizations to minimize manual efforts, enhance operational efficiency, and leverage data-driven insights. Furthermore, it boasts flexibility and scalability, effortlessly adapting to evolving business requirements and seamlessly integrating with other systems.

ITIL represents a set of guidelines for delivering high-quality IT-enabled services. Over time, this framework has gained widespread adoption worldwide and has continuously evolved based on industry best practices. ITIL 4, the latest iteration, places emphasis on digital transformation, user experience, Value Management, and principle-based guidance. 

Securing this accreditation underscores our commitment to meeting the evolving expectations of customers and users, optimizing performance for improved organizational efficiency, and aligning Percipient ITSM with overarching business objectives. 

For those interested in learning more about our certification process, please click here.  

To experience Echelon Edge Percipient ITSM firsthand, reach out to us for a free trial or connect with our team for guidance on leveraging our certified practices.


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