Private Network

Plug & Play Private Network Service

Offering the speed, security & reliability that your business needs.
Establish a dedicated communication private network to operate your business with higher quality of service, reliability, and security.

Challenges in the industry

Deployment complexity

Modern applications need improved processing power & connectivity that can handle the businesses' workloads.

Ultra Low-Latency

Industrial applications need the processing of time-sensitive data quickly which requires a low latency network.

Heavy Congestion & Limited Bandwidth

Dedicated & high-speed communication infrastructures are needed for smooth performance & data transfer.

Key Capabilities

Way Beyond Wireless

Customize the network to deliver a wide variety of reliable services, anytime, anywhere.

Integrated edge computing

Improves low-latency data processing, enhances security and reduces costs.

Extreme Bandwidth

Allows faster communication and data transfer that increases overall performance.


Upscale your private network

Echelon Edge’s Private Network is a plug and play solution suite designed for industrial use that enables a wide variety of use cases by offering 4G and 5G. Our Private Network comes with a custom-built 5G implementation that manages every aspect including design, creation, integration, management, and optimization. Our solution is designed to increase your business productivity while integrating high speed, low latency, and device segmentation with a Private network.

Complete and easy solutions designed to cater the complex IT issues that can also optimize business processes and drive digital transformation.

Use Cases


Improved reliability and effective communications infrastructure are needed in the metro...

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Oil and gas industries needed the primary network as a foundation to empower the value-creating...

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