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Echelon’s IT Service Management system is very simple to use and allows easy set up while having everything you need for IT service delivery.


problem management

Echelon Edge Problem Management Solution manages the entire life cycle of the problems and issues faced by the company and aids in diagnosing and identifying the root cause of such issues. It is designed to prevent incidents from occurring and to reduce the impact of the events that are usually not preventable by incident management.

Our Problem Management System helps in preventing the impact of IT service disruptions and from happening them in the future.

In short, our Problem Management system helps in determining the root cause of any issue that occurs by raising a ticket. The user can comfortably relate an event with a problem; the correlated events will automatically have a distinctive tag in order to highlight the relationship. With time and experience, you’ll learn by creating your own repository of already identified problems.

problem management

itsm merge process

Merge Processes, People, and Technology with our Problem Management Tool

The companies can satisfy the expectations of their internal customers by boosting productivity. As our ITSM comes with its knowledgebase, it’s easier to identify the problems and the related root cause. It even helps in assuring that the issue doesn’t reoccur.

process of Problem Management

How Problem Management works?

Identifying Problems

Issues generally come from escalating at the service desk or from the processes of service improvement, evaluation, and incident patterns. An incident only occurs when there’s an underlying issue. After detecting the problem, the user can log it in.


Categorizing Problems

According to the categories of the incident, problems can be categorized that can be easily sorted later. One can also check later which categories are yielding the maximum number of issues. The users can also generate category reports by utilizing the reports module and tracking issues.

Prioritizing Problems

To prioritize the problems, the user has to determine the related impact on the customers and the business. The primary factor that is to be considered for this is defining urgency. By urgency we mean, how quickly the problem is required to be resolved.


Analyzing Problems

This involves investigating, analyzing, and finding an interim solution for various issues. If the error is known, then it is recorded & referred when needed.Documentation can also help the technical team in saving time & efforts both.


Resolving &
Closing Problems

After the user has found the resolution of the problems, he/she can review it and close it in our system, there’s a provision to log in time spent by the technician on a specific issue.


What benefits are included

Advantages of Problem Management

Advantages of Problem Management
Avoid Recurring Issues

A problem can be linked and marked with issues that are known. This assures that technicians can resolve quickly without wasting any time.

Greater Visibility

Technicians can conduct Root Cause Analysis and investigate at any point of time in the Problem Management process.

Universal Smart Search

The search bar is there with predefined & custom filters that allow searching problems quickly. With this feature, the user can find any problem in a few seconds.

Universal Smart Search
Investigate an Issue

The user can list down the root cause, symptoms, and effects of the problem on the customer. This allows easy and quick investigation.

Mapping Issues

By viewing relations of the problem context can be built easily. Our tool even allows exporting the problem management data in a PDF report.


Technicians can comfortably collaborate with each another to solve an issue.

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