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Echelon’s IT Service Management system is very simple to use and allows easy set up while having everything you need for IT service delivery.


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Edge IT Service Desk System is a Contemporary yet Easy to Use Interface What a business needs is improved relationships with their clients, but you can’t achieve that just by offering good services, you need more. A unified IT service desk system can offer you the solution for connecting with your customers in an effective way. It provides ticketing, asset and knowledge management. Being a scalable service desk, it helps you meet all the requirements of your small, medium or large-scale business.

In short, we can say that our service desk is a robust ticket management tool that offers ease of use, power of knowledge management , understanding of context and convenience of automation. You can think it as an e-commerce style service catalogue that lets the customers enjoy availing the services and proffers convenience to the technicians.

With our service desk, you can capture disruptions in your business or in the IT infrastructure just by raising a problem ticket. Using such a hi-tech system you can carry out the changes without altering anything.

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Service Desk Functionalities

Ultra-Modern Service Desk

 Ultra-Modern Service Desk
Empower Self Service

This allows the customers and employees help themselves with a centralized knowledge base.

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Easy to Use & Set Up

An intuitive GUI offers easy utilization without any training.

SMS Notifications
SMS Notifications

The system can automatically generate SMS notifications on some specific actions.

Templates Come with Custom Fields
Templates Come with Custom Fields

The users can generate tickets using predefined templates that include customizable fields.

Domains & Emails
Filter Domains & Emails

Email to ticket function is provided to particular domains and emails only.

Service Analytics
Service Analytics

The users can comfortably feed the request related data into a PDF format and view it on the dashboard.

Multi-Channel Support
Multi-Channel Support

The tickets can be logged through self-service portal, phone, etc.

Scenario Automation
Scenario Automation

This feature allows carrying out certain predefined actions conditionally on a ticket.

Locating Scoping
Locating Scoping

Location based data segregation is available for the businesses having multiple geographical presence.

What benefits are included

Advantages of ITSM Service Desk

ITSM Service Desk

IT Service Disruptions can be prevented with our pre-emptive and robust service desk, as it offers quick solutions to the IT issues before they start affecting the masses.

The users can integrate the Service Desk with IT Operations Management Systems (NMS). This allows automatic generation of tickets related to issues in the network infrastructure.

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With a Service Desk installed in your business procedures, you can relish enhanced productivity of your staff. The reason is that they can focus on other crucial tasks.

Our Service Desk is known to meet all your business expectations, as it aligns IT services with the requirements of your business.

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