Application Performance Monitoring

Automatically observe, monitor, and fix any application
High performance application monitoring to achieve seamless consumer experience.

Challenges in the Industry

Siloed Monitoring Tools

Individual network application or function bringing onboard a respective monitoring tool. This creates a siloed network monitoring and increases the operations to stitch the information to form an end-to-end view. This leads to inaccurate analysis and longer response times.

Zoo of monitoring systems creating swivel chair effect

A very high percentage of network operations claims usage of multiple network monitoring solutions causing a competence challenge.

Higher Opex

Lifecycle management of multiple network management tools and retaining the competence of these tools forces network operations to provision higher operations costs.

Observe, monitor & fix any application

Network operations are evolving towards lean deployments aligns and single pane of glass conceptually towards a more streamlined approach. This helps achieve better consumer experience and lower time to resolution when a network interruption takes place. Get the automatic and intelligent observability for cloud native workloads and enterprise with our Application Performance Monitoring tool.

It utilizes end-to-end hybrid cloud distributed tracing to optimize service performance and help organizations innovate faster, collaborate more efficiently, and deliver greater value with less effort. Understand all the relationships across the full stack and get the precise answers with the option to add digital experience and analytics functionalities.

Key Features

Monitoring of latency and jitters
End user experience monitoring
Transaction profiling
Using AI/ML models to achieve analytical insights
Dynamic baselining of matrix
Microservice based multi cloud architecture

We bring you

Centralized Database

Provide a centralized dashboard to collect information metrics that can be used to resolve the issue in lesser time.

Faster-Patching & MTTR

Speed up your resolving process and reduce the mean time to resolution (MTTR).

Improved User Experience

Allows to determine backlog priorities of users with the data collected by APM software. This helps to focus on the right things by reducing downtime.


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