Wireless network for automated lines
Improved reliability and effective communications infrastructure are needed in the metro that can manage the increasing traffic with better passenger experience and improved security in the underground trains.


Challenges in the Industry

Low Connectivity

Passengers face slow data speeds and frequent call drops due to congestion in telecom networks.

Data Security

Inadequate management of data might compromise passenger’s privacy.

Complex Environment

Managing your distributed edge sites across the world needs a central dashboard.

The Game-changer for Metro CSPs

Our dedicated Private LTE solution is designed for the latest subway trains that enable secure connectivity while managing massive amounts of data in real-time and generating new revenues.

For seamless and efficient traffic management across WANs (Wide Area Networks), our solution offers full coverage for metro’s to fulfill both operational and maintenance needs at the forefront. Moreover, it also allows real-time surveillance within the trains to mitigate the risk by alerting to any potential issues and promptly respond to them. This will improve passenger experience and will provide a new level of service with the constant updates and greater security.

Key Features

Improved productivity
Revenue growth
High automation level
Boost customer experience
Control over IT resources

We bring you

Maximized Network Performance

Our solution provides the best indoor-to-outdoor connectivity at every line and depot.

Complete Control & Data Privacy

Our Private network solution ensures all data stays within the enterprise.

Single Tenant Service

Enables to own and control data that enhance security and provides robust end-to-end security.


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