Powering the future of oil & gas industries
Oil and gas industries needed the primary network as a foundation to empower the value-creating use cases for more efficient production and the private cellular network is perfect for this job.


Challenges in the Industry

Outdoor Environments

Refineries are vast with many moving areas that need to be tracked.

Complicated Operations

Handling of complex structure where various process such as drilling, processing, extraction, and storing takes place.

Separated and Unconnected Technology

Each technology has to be updated individually and requires separate subscriptions, maintenance costs, and training of workers.

The Future of Connected Refineries

The refinery industry needs a strong primary network to empower the value-creating use cases and here comes our Private LTE network – that fits for the job. Echelon’s Private LTE network is designed to meet the specific needs of the refinery industry by providing a secure and centralized solution for managing complex networks across global sites. This network aims to improve productivity and streamline operations, while enhancing worker safety and guarding against cyber threats.

With the increasing digitization of the industry, a private network offers oil and gas companies a centralized platform to manage and coordinate various technologies, enabling innovation and driving future value.

Key Features

Greater worker safety
Predictive maintenance
Efficient tracking of shipments
Ubiquitous wireless connectivity
Improved business performance
High-quality Sensors for remote areas

We bring you

Single Network & Central Location

Deliver what the industry needs at the right time with reliable, powerful, and secure connectivity.

Controlled Operations

Act as the primary network that supports and links all networks together into a cohesive unit.

Increased Operational Simplicity

With our private network, linked devices can be monitored and managed from a central location which reduces downtime and costs.


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