Building Resilient and Sustainable Smart Cities  

Echelon Edge offers a suite of interconnected smart solutions for smart cities, including Network Insights for addressing network performance issues and IoT Device Management for tracking refinery performance.

Echelon's vision for smart cities

Transforming Smart Cities with Integrated Solutions 

Echelon Edge offers a comprehensive suite of interconnected smart solutions for smart cities. Among these solutions are Network Insights and IoT Device Management, which help address network performance issues and track refinery performance, respectively. 

Network Insights is designed to provide advanced solutions to address performance issues in smart cities’ network infrastructure. Meanwhile, IoT Device Management can collect data and track the performance of physical telemetry devices in refineries, such as sensors, meters, and gateways.

Furthermore, this solution can alert operators of any discrepancies in real time, enabling them to take immediate action. 

In addition, Echelon Edge offers transportation solutions such as traffic management and smart surveillance systems that enhance vehicle safety, pedestrian safety, and parking areas. These devices and applications communicate with Echelon Edge’s private network, providing ultra-reliable, secure, and low-latency connectivity. 

Moreover, the data collected from these applications can be viewed collectively at the integrated command and control center. The center serves as the nerve center for operations management in the city, handling day-to-day exception handling and disaster management. 

Echelon Edge’s comprehensive suite of interconnected smart solutions can make smart cities smarter, safer, and more livable. These solutions help create resilient and sustainable cities that can meet the needs and expectations of citizens while also maintaining and improving profitability.


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