The aviation industry provides the only rapid worldwide transportation network that makes it essential for global business. It creates jobs, increases economic growth, and facilitates international trade while offering a fast and comfortable mode of transportation that has changed the way of traveling for passengers.


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Complexity Explosion

Flight Delays

Poor network management & delay updates of flight schedules, traffic patterns, and weather conditions leads to flight delays & customer dissatisfaction.

Ineffective Data Management

Ineffective management of the large volume of data generated in the aviation industry leads to customer dissatisfaction.

Lack of Regional Connectivity

The absence of secure regional connectivity creates difficulty while exchanging information & coordinating operations effectively.

Driving Change with Better Solutions

Echelon edge works across the widest range of technologies that can be used by aviation industries. Our Private Network enables easy deployment and widespread connectivity that can help airports, safe, on-time, and fully connected journeys. It provides a dedicated network and delivers the reliability and low latency that is needed for critical operational services.

Data Quipo is designed to fulfill all your data integration and engineering requirements, empowering businesses to analyze large datasets to identify unique patterns, associate data points, and uncover valuable insights.

Moreover, Network Insights provides full-service assurance, fault management, performance management, log analytics, and infrastructure monitoring. It configures a variety of devices like servers, storage, switches, routers, etc. one can even integrate it with various vendor-specific element management systems so that there’s only one platform for managing multiple devices.

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