The Enterprise Network Device Discovery: X-Ray Vision of Networks

Network Management Systems (NMS) initiate their operations with Network Device Discovery, a crucial step in the journey towards an optimized network performance. This process involves identifying and configuring a diverse range of multi-tenant vendor network devices.

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Over time, Network Device Discovery (NDD) has undergone significant advancements to adapt to the complexities of modern networks. In the early stages of networking, networks were relatively straightforward and could be managed manually. Organizations relied on manual updates, tracking, and documentation of network devices. However, as networks have evolved and grown more intricate, NDD has become increasingly sophisticated.  

As per GlobeNewsWire, the global market for network devices was valued at $28.01 billion in 2022. Fast forward to 2023, it is projected to grow the global market significantly and reach a value of around $30.3 billion. This growth indicates a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 8.2% over the year. 

What is Network Device Discovery?

Network device discovery is crucial for identifying and mapping network devices and interfaces within a network. It serves as an initial step in network management and plays a vital role in implementing effective monitoring solutions. The process encompasses more than simply finding network devices. It also involves gathering device information to establish a comprehensive network inventory. It scans the Network, identifies all the devices, maps the interface, tracks Inventory, and records the performance. 

Consider the following factors while choosing a Network device discovery tool: 

  • Features: NDD should gather the data from the network device and communicate with one another at the end which can help in optimizing the performance of the system.  

  • Ease of use: The tool should be ad-hoc and Userfriendly. 

  • Cost: The tool should be affordable for your organization. 

  • Scalability: The tool should meet the needs of the organization if the topological view increases it should identify devices, authenticate them, and gather data.  

  • Reliability: The tool should be reliable and should not cause any downtime to your network. 

  • Security: The tool should be secure and should protect your network from unauthorized access if the topological view increases. 
Fundamental Network Device Discovery Protocols
Network Device Discovery
  • SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol): It is an application-layer protocol that helps IT admins to collect and organize data about the network devices over LAN or WAN.

  • Link Layer Discovery Protocol (LLDP): LLDP is a vendor-neutral protocol that transmits device information to its direct neighbors if the device is LLDP-enabled. 

  • Ping: Ping is a network utility that sends an ICMP echo request to a specified IP address. If the IP address is reachable, the ping utility will receive an ICMP echo reply. 

Major Challenges of Network Device Discovery

  • Multi-Vendor Hardware: Modern networks consist of diverse devices from different vendors. This heterogeneity poses a challenge in discovering and identifying all devices accurately. As each may have unique discovery protocols or configurations. 

  • Dynamic Nature: Networks undergo constant changes, with new devices being added and old ones being removed. This dynamic nature makes it challenging to keep track of all network devices and ensure their proper configuration, as devices may come online or go offline frequently. 

  • Security and Threats: Network device discovery involves gathering information about devices, such as IP addresses and services running on them. This information, if obtained by attackers, can be exploited to target the network. Thus, security concerns arise during the discovery process.

  • Cost volatility: Implementing network device discovery solutions can be costly, especially for large networks. The expenses may include the acquisition of specialized tools or software, training personnel, and ongoing maintenance.
Network device Discovery Troubleshooting

Network Device Discovery Application

  • Security in Network: Identification of unauthorized devices on a network, as well as devices that are vulnerable to attack is important in NMS. Thus, it helps no data breaches and device exposure to vulnerability.  

  • Troubleshooting Network Errors: It can help to reduce network downtime in organizations and mitigate it.

  • Network Performance Optimization: It helps in optimizing the performance of the network device and cut the cost of downtime and makes NMS reliable. For example, if a network is experiencing performance issues, network device discovery can be used to identify the devices that cause the trouble and take steps to improve their performance.

  • Asset Management: Network device discovery facilitates the creation of a comprehensive inventory of network devices, enabling organizations to track assets, manage costs, and make informed decisions about future investments. For example, if an organization is considering purchasing new network devices, network device discovery can be used to identify the devices that are currently in use and their capabilities.        

  • Network Complains: Any error that occurs in the network is mapped and a ticket is raised against the error by NDD. Moreover, it can be easily sorted by the network administrate that makes an optimized network. 

Echelon Edge Percipient NMS uses protocols SNMP, LLDP, and PING for Network Device Discovery. Moreover, it integrates with multi-vendor hardware and gathers data effectively, protects from security threats, vulnerability’s and is cost-effective. 

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