OSS/BSS System in 5G: The key to unlock success for CSPs 

Learn how OSS/BSS system in 5G monetization can help CSPs to streamline their operational processes, increase agility, and hence drive growth.

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The rapid evolution of mobile networks, specifically the transition from 4G to 5G and subsequently to 5G Stand Alone (SA), has exerted considerable cost pressures on Communication Service Providers (CSPs). As a result, CSPs are actively seeking new strategies to generate a return on their investment and maximize the potential of their assets, particularly in the context of the OSS/BSS system in 5G.  

Thus, CSPs are now focused on modernizing their OSS/BSS (Operations Support Systems/Business Support Systems) infrastructure. This modernization effort aims to reduce costs, enhance network operations, and facilitate the delivery of innovative services to end customers, with a particular emphasis on the enterprise segment. Given the growing dominance of major cloud providers in the 5G digital service landscape, this investment in OSS/BSS transformation has become more crucial than ever before.  

In this blog, we will explore the significance of the OSS/BSS system in 5G, how it unlocks the full potential of 5G technology, and how it serves as the key to success for CSPs. 

The Role of OSS/BSS System in 5G 

As per the TM Forum Report, 67% of total revenue from 5G technology use cases apart from eMBB & FWA is highly dependent on OSS/BSS transformation while enabling & service creation revenue is depending on more than 72% on OSS/BSS transformation.

Role of OSS/BSS System

In the realm of 5G applications and services, different standardization bodies and industry alliances, including 3GPP, ETSI, ITU, IEEE, NGMN, and 5G-PPP, play a vital role in defining the standards. Simultaneously, industry alliances like TM Forum are actively investigating the necessary OSS/BSS upgrades for supporting 5G applications and services. These collaborative efforts between industry alliances and standardization bodies have emerged as crucial drivers in digitizing existing business processes across various industry verticals using 5G applications and services. 

To ensure seamless integration among different stakeholders, standardized APIs from OSS/BSS, virtualization, and cloud vendors are essential. These APIs enable smooth communication and interaction between different parties involved, facilitating the automated and standardized provisioning of network & connectivity required for 5G applications and services.

Challenges for OSS/BSS

Automating BSS/OSS System in 5G: Modernizing for Enterprise Opportunities 

5G technology has brought forth new opportunities for enterprises, but the existing systems in place need to be modernized and automated to effectively cater to these opportunities. Currently, the systems are monolithic, and rigid, and lack the necessary functionality to meet the emerging needs of enterprises. Communication service providers (CSPs) are no longer limited to providing connectivity; they now offer a range of building blocks that can be integrated into business applications, enabling the creation of specialized 5G services.

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To simplify and automate the Business Support System (BSS) and Operations Support System (OSS) in the context of 5G, CSPs need to focus on developing and enhancing their BSS infrastructure. These modernized systems should be capable of seamless deployment on any cloud platform and efficient orchestration of services and network slices across multiple domains, even in complex multi-vendor and multi-edge environments. By achieving this, CSPs can position themselves as leaders in delivering and monetizing a wide array of specialized 5G services for enterprises. 

However, capturing the enterprise opportunity in the 5G realm is challenging due to the intricate nature of its use cases. CSPs need to establish intelligent, automated, and secure networks to facilitate smooth data transportation. They also require distributed computing resources across devices, edge locations, and various cloud environments to process data efficiently. Moreover, purpose-built applications are essential to ensure the usability of data for specific business-defined objectives. CSPs must strive to deliver a customized enterprise experience aligned with each organization’s unique Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). 

CSPs’ 5G Success: Automation & AI Key 

Automation and artificial intelligence (AI) are crucial for CSPs to differentiate themselves and tap into the enterprise 5G market. Embracing these technologies allows CSPs to elevate their position in the value chain and effectively handle the complexity posed by diverse 5G use cases. Legacy systems are inadequate to meet the demands and intricacies associated with these use cases. 

Hence, it is imperative for CSPs to prioritize the modernization of their OSS/BSS infrastructure and leverage the power of AI to address the evolving landscape of 5G and seize opportunities in the enterprise sector. By simplifying and automating the BSS/OSS system, CSPs can modernize their operations, integrate diverse building blocks, and monetize enterprise-driven 5G services. This strategic approach enables CSPs to deliver exceptional value, establish their leadership, and capitalize on the opportunities presented by the enterprise-driven 5G landscape. 

Cloud-Native Solution for 5G Monetization 

Revolutionize your 5G monetization strategy with Edge BSS. Our Solution primarily caters to critical processes such as product management, order management, customer services provisioning, revenue management, and customer management. However, the advent of Digital BSS opens the door for 5G monetization that enables BSS to seamlessly integrate with hybrid networks and ensure consistency across various customer journeys.

Cloud-Native Solution for 5G Monetization

As CSPs progress towards 5G and digital BSS, revenue management alone is insufficient. BSS needs to extend its capabilities to encompass digital customer journeys, customer management, and support. It should cater to both consumer and enterprise segments, including B2B2X business models. Achieving high availability in cloud BSS necessitates a distributed microservices architecture that eliminates single points of failure & enables superior scalability. Future-proof your business with Edge BSS (Business Support Solution) from Echelon Edge and effectively manage the partner ecosystem while streamlining complex partner relationships and models.

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