What is Private 5G Network in a Box? 

Discover the transformative power of Private 5G Network in a Box (NIB) solution

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The introduction of 5G mobile/cellular technology represents a pivotal moment in the landscape of industrial systems. Industrial networks face challenges, and in response, emerging as a promising solution are private 5G (5G Network in a box) deployments. The integration of programmability and open-source principles is the key to their success. Recent regulatory initiatives further facilitate industrial stakeholders in establishing localized 5G networks with dedicated hardware.

This transformation is underscored by substantial growth projections, with the 5G infrastructure market expected to reach a staggering $47.8 billion by 2027, as forecasted by MarketsandMarkets

To realize these ambitions, we developed an innovative demonstration, showcasing an advanced, open, and customizable 5G network-in-a-box solution tailored explicitly for private deployments. This all-in-one network-in-a-box provides a comprehensive solution founded on open-source software stacks and versatile hardware platforms, capable of functioning in both 5G non-standalone (NSA) and 4G long-term evolution (LTE) modes. 

Moreover, the demonstration highlights how the network can operate seamlessly across various sub-6 GHz frequency bands, some of which are earmarked for private network utilization. To substantiate its capabilities, the performance results, encompassing metrics such as end-to-end latency and data rates, are presented utilizing a commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) 5G device. 

What is Network-in-a-box? 

A “Network in a Box” (NIB) is a tailored wireless solution that arrives preconfigured, assembled, and ready for immediate use (Plug & Play Solution). It’s designed as a self-contained, portable device that encompasses all the necessary software and hardware elements required to swiftly deploy an impromptu network for specific end-users. 

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In essence, the Network in a Box (NIB) incorporates a 5G core and Radio Access Network (RAN) seamlessly packed into a compact, easily transportable box. This box can be swiftly connected to existing infrastructure, enabling the rapid setup of an entire 5G network with minimal integration efforts. The various elements inside the Network in a Box (NIB) interact with one another while gaining internet connectivity via a core network that resides within the NIB. Additionally, the portability of the Network in a Box (NIB) ensures that networks can be deployed and relocated at any time, using an on-demand model that empowers users to construct their own coverage, essentially serving as a do-it-yourself solution. 

Its applications extend to various scenarios such as PPDR (Public Protection and Disaster Relief), corporate environments, laboratory configurations for simulation purposes, and private networks, among others. 

On-the-Go Connectivity with Network in a Box (NIB)

As the global rollout of 5G New Radio gains momentum, each new cellular generation plays a pivotal role in shaping a digitally interconnected society. These advancements in wireless communication, starting with 5G, are progressively bridging the digital divide on a global scale, creating a landscape where everything is interconnected. To achieve this, networks must continuously evolve, adapt, and seamlessly integrate into an on-demand framework. 

In this transformative landscape, Network in a Box (NIB) emerges as a groundbreaking solution, perfectly positioned to meet the surging demand for agile, on-demand networks. NIB distinguishes itself through several key attributes: 

Network in a box key attributes
  • Ease of Deployment: NIB streamlines the process of network setup, making it remarkably straightforward and efficient. 
  • Interoperability: NIB seamlessly integrates with third-party network components, ensuring compatibility and flexibility in network architecture. 
  • Technological Versatility: NIB offers a wide range of technological capabilities, enhancing its adaptability to diverse network requirements. 

Crucially, Network in a Box (NIB) addresses a fundamental need in network-in-a-box use cases – network flexibility. In essence, NIB serves as the ultimate “do-it-yourself” solution, empowering users to create networks on the fly, aligning perfectly with the demands of our increasingly interconnected digital society. 

Echelon Edge’s Private 5G NIB Solution

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In response to the increasing demand for dedicated private networks, especially with the availability of 5G radio frequencies for private network applications, we are proud to introduce our Private 5G Network in a Box (NIB) Solution. This comprehensive, all-in-one package is preconfigured and ready for deployment, featuring a fully functional 5G core and Radio Access Network (RAN). From initial concept to network creation, deployment, and operation, our framework streamlines costs and enhances efficiency in the digital transformation journey. 

Recent field experiences have underscored the critical role of communication networks in managing disasters and riots in various affected areas or even in border areas. Leveraging the Network-in-a-box (NIB) concept proves invaluable in sustaining communication services during these high-stakes situations. By harnessing NIB technology, we can effectively prevent or mitigate the adverse impacts of natural disasters or disturbances caused by civil unrest on conventional communication infrastructures. 

Our Private 5G NIB Solution offers a robust, all-encompassing platform that simplifies network management and operations. This versatile solution is suitable for deployment across commercial, governmental, military, and private network settings. It ensures high operational availability while maintaining network coverage within a compact, portable form factor. This feature becomes particularly vital in scenarios where the primary TSP network’s backhaul connection is compromised. That guarantees uninterrupted critical public safety services.

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