Private 5G NIB -The Future of Disaster Communication

Discover how Private 5G NIB is revolutionizing disaster communication.

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In times of disaster, good communication is crucial. When a disaster like a hurricane or an earthquake happens, it can damage the phone and internet networks while destroying the complete network infrastructure. This makes it difficult to talk to each other and get help. 

As per URBAN RESILIENCE HUB, by 2030 the built infrastructure is expected to lose $314 billion each year due to natural disasters. Normal phones might not work, and walkie-talkies can be limited and only let you talk one way. You can’t send pictures or videos, which can be important for understanding the situation. When the network is down, emergency services might take longer to arrive, which can be really dangerous. 

But there’s a solution called Private 5G Network in a Box (NIB) that helps with all of this. It’s a reliable way to communicate during disasters. It allows two-way talking, which helps people coordinate better. You can also share pictures and videos in real time, so everyone knows what’s going on. Even when the main network is down, Private 5G NIB keeps working and helps emergency services respond faster. 

To learn more about how Private 5G Network in a Box (NIB) is making disaster communication better, take a look at our easy-to-understand infographic. 

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