An Effective Network Inventory Management

Efficient IT Network inventory management involves automation in accurately tracking, recording, and documenting the network devices, equipment, and assets within an organization's network infrastructure and maintains this information in real-time with device mapping.

Network Inventory Management

Unleash the True Potential of Network Inventory Management

A study by Gartner found that the average cost of downtime for a business is around $300K p/hour. Due to increased downtime of the network, and reduced security causing threats to data breaches. This can lead to data loss, financial losses, reputational damage, and increased costs of maintenance, repairs, and upgrades. A poorly managed network can make it difficult to track inventory, manage users, and troubleshoot problems. This can lead to lost productivity and revenue. 

The ultimate solution to streamline IT network inventory is Percipient NMS. Say goodbye to manual updates and tedious data entry. Since our advanced auto-discovery feature effortlessly creates an up-to-date inventory of all your network devices. 

Stay in sync with real-time updates. Percipient NMS ensures that your network inventory becomes an unwavering pillar of reliability, enabling you to effortlessly capture changes, through vigilant monitoring of asset conditions and the diligent maintenance of a definitive log, you can uphold an unwavering record of your invaluable resources. 

Additionally, the reporting tools in our system help in stream processing of the data generated and re-creates a performance dashboard of each element of the inventory which makes monitor asset statuses and maintains an authoritative logging of your valuable resources. 

Moreover, auto-discovery and custom topology are the two major features of our network management systems that can help you get a comprehensive view of your network. It helps in improving visibility, reducing troubleshooting time, and increasing the efficiency of the network. 

Echelon Edge helps you to unlock the true potential of your network inventory management. Take control of your IT assets with Percipient NMS and propel your business forward with confidence. Let’s unleash the power of efficiency, accuracy, and control of the Network and witness the transformation of your IT infrastructure.


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