Creating Smart Ports with private network

Ports are an essential aspect of the global economy as they handle a vast amount of goods. However, congestion issues are creating operational delays, making it crucial to modernize ports into smart ports to tackle challenges related to truck and vessel traffic.

Smart Ports with private network

Digitalize for Success: Analyzing Your port’s potential

Smart Ports are crucial for facilitating international and domestic trade, with the United States alone possessing around 360 commercial ports that receive a continuous flow of ships and goods. In 2019, domestic ports managed more than USD 1.7 trillion worth of goods, as per the Department of Transportation. 

Despite the potential benefits of automation in supply chain logistics, many ports face challenges in integrating these systems fully. There is scope for further optimization. To minimize operational delays caused by vessel and truck congestion and unforeseen disruptions, significant modernization and upgrades are required in ports. 

Thus, the implementation of 5G-enabled private cellular networks is critical for smart ports to manage the enormous amount of data generated by cranes, vehicles, equipment, and workers. These networks provide rapid, dependable, and secure connectivity, necessary for a smart port’s network infrastructure. 

Echelon offers private network infrastructure solutions that provide reliable and extensive wireless connectivity, enabling seamless communication among containers, assets, and workers. Private network in smart ports allows for the continuous flow of real-time information, often through IoT devices mentioned previously.


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