How Data Quipo can revolutionize supply chain management? 

With the increasing digitalization, the need for the latest technologies like big data analytics in supply chain management is becoming vital.

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Big Data Analytics in Supply Chain Management 

Supply Chain Management (SCM) involves coordinating and managing activities. Moreover, it is related to producing and delivering products and services, from raw materials to the final customer. It optimizes the flow of goods, information, and finances by integrating processes, functions, and stakeholders.  

After the covid-19 pandemic, the challenges of the supply chain have severely damaged global trade. Now, there is a need to look for new ways to tackle challenges while mitigating bottlenecks through big data analytics in supply chain management.  

It is expected that the market for big data analytics in the supply chain to reach $9.28 billion by 2026. This is the reason enterprises are now realizing the value of big data analytics to manage supply chains and other metrics in operations. 

With the advent of big data, SCM has transformed, enabling better decision-making and operational optimization. 

The benefits of using big data in supply chain management include: 

  1. Improved demand forecasting. 
  2. Enhanced production planning and scheduling. 
  3. Increased transportation efficiency. 
  4. Reduced supply chain risks. 

Additionally, big data contribute to sustainability efforts by reducing waste, optimizing transportation routes, and improving energy efficiency. Big data analytics has revolutionized supply chain management by offering insights that drive competitive advantage.  

To revolutionize supply chain management, Data Quipo, a big data analytics platform, comes into play. With Data Quipo’s advanced analytics tools, vast amounts of data from multiple sources, including sensors, social media, and transactional data, can be processed. This empowers supply chain managers to make data-driven decisions, optimize production planning and scheduling, increase transportation efficiency, and reduce supply chain risks. 

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