Transforming Warehouses with a Private Network 

In recent years, there has been an increasing demand for warehousing that has prompted the need to upgrade traditional warehouses into smart warehouses.

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Smart Warehouses with Echelon’s Private Network 

According to the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII), nearly 60% of companies in India reported facing supply chain disruptions during the pandemic, affecting their production and delivery capabilities. 

Today’s global supply chain is complex and under immense pressure to perform, compounded by labor shortages, supply challenges, and the COVID-19 pandemic. Warehouses need speedy and efficient operations to meet the increasing demand for goods worldwide.  

In many warehouses with poor connectivity due to mobility and harsh environments, dedicated radio network equipment can be installed to enhance mission-critical applications that are getting impacted by these challenging conditions. To keep operations running smoothly, warehouses must implement a private mobile network. 

Private networks in smart warehouses collect, analyze, and act on live data to enhance productivity, communication, and cost-effectiveness. This data also enables staff to monitor equipment and machine operations from anywhere globally, predicting potential breakdowns and errors through predictive analytics and artificial intelligence. 

Big data provides significant advantages to warehousing operations, enabling them to stay ahead of consumer demand and competitors by  

  • Reducing labor costs  
  • Improving productivity  
  • Enhancing communication. 

At Echelon Edge, we understand the way businesses work and thus focus on multi-site, multi-facility support with centralized management. We bring you a private network solution that delivers predictable performance to a new generation of critical applications. Our solution offers a flexible and reliable platform that supports every identified use case for warehouse operators. 

Start your journey with us… 

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