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The combination of 5G's low latency and the secure, fast, and localized processing capabilities of a private network are essential for realizing port digitalization.

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Creating The Digitalization Opportunity for Port Authorities

Ports play a critical role in global and domestic trade, serving as vital hubs for the exchange of goods. In the United States alone, there are approximately 360 commercial ports that experience a constant flow of ships and merchandise. According to the Department of Transportation, the value of goods handled by domestic ports exceeded USD 1.7 trillion in 2019. 

To meet the evolving demands of the industry, many ports have implemented dedicated 5G networks. However, these networks operate under limited licenses that utilize only a portion of the available spectrum. While this setup may suffice for basic applications like location sensing, it poses challenges when dealing with the growing data volumes generated by devices such as high-definition cameras. As a result, the industry encounters difficulties in scaling their networks to accommodate this increased data. 

Digitalization is crucial in the port industry. It helps to minimize expenses, enhance operational efficiency, and facilitate the growth of global supply chain capacity. By embracing digitalization, industry can mitigate such challenges and their associated costs. 

Private Wireless Networks for Smart Ports

Private networks offer significant advantages for maritime ports due to their specific connectivity requirements. These bustling logistics centers often cover vast distances, exceeding the coverage capabilities of Wi-Fi networks.  

Furthermore, given that most activities within the port area are directly related to port operations, it becomes feasible for carriers to allocate dedicated spectrum to the private network. Additionally, the deployment of 5G technology enables the support of driverless trucks, aligning with the potential use of automated guided vehicles (AGVs) in ports. AGVs can navigate predictable and repeatable routes with minimal interference from other traffic, making ports an ideal environment for their effective deployment. 

Echelon’s Private Wireless Network presents transformative benefits for operations, enhancing effectiveness, monitoring, and safety throughout the premises. This advanced solution empowers operational teams to focus on delivering unparalleled levels of service, promoting seamless efficiency across the entire port infrastructure. 


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