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This article, published in Entrepreneurs Today, discusses the IT War, Made in India products, IT security, and the industry's expectations from the union government.

Gaurav Gandhi CEO of Echelon edge

IT Industry Insights: Gaurav Gandhi’s Interview with Entrepreneurs Today 

In a recent interview with Entrepreneurs Today, our Founder & CEO, Gaurav Gandhi, shared his insights on the current state of the IT industry in India. 

He spoke about the competitive landscape in the industry and emphasized the importance of in-house product development. He highlighted the need for Indian companies to focus on building and innovating their own products, rather than simply providing services for other global companies. 

Moreover, he stressed the importance of connectivity in the industry and how 5G and Private LTE can be the key to unlocking growth and innovation for Indian companies. He explained that Private 5G/LTE networks can provide businesses with secure, reliable, and high-speed wireless connectivity that can help optimize their operations and drive growth. 

He also expressed industry expectations from the government to facilitate the implementation of 5G and Private LTE networks in India, which can enable Indian companies to leave a lasting impact on the global stage. 

Furthermore, Gandhi discussed the challenges faced by Indian entrepreneurs and how they can overcome them to achieve success. He emphasized the importance of building a strong team and a culture of innovation, as well as leveraging the power of technology to enhance productivity and efficiency. 

Overall, Gandhi’s insights shed light on the evolving nature of the IT industry in India and the potential for growth and innovation in the future. With the right focus on in-house product development and implementation of advanced technologies like 5G and Private LTE, Indian companies can take on the global market and make a significant impact in the industry. 


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