Revolutionizing Telco: Blockchain Integration, 5G, AR 

Discover how Echelon Edge, a leading software engineering group, is driving innovation in the telecom industry through the Blockchain integration, 5G technology, and augmented reality (AR).

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Blockchain Integration: CEO’s Insights on Reshaping Telecom 

In a recent interview with TechGraph, Gaurav Gandhi, CEO of Echelon Edge, shared his insights on how companies are leveraging advanced solutions like blockchain integration, 5G technology, and augmented reality to transform the telecom sector. With a focus on delivering “Made in India” solutions to the global telecom and transportation industries, Echelon Edge has established itself as a prominent player since its inception in 2012. 

The company’s commitment to innovation drives its continuous exploration of emerging technologies worldwide. By addressing industry challenges and understanding their potential impact on businesses, Echelon Edge designs solutions that drive business transformation. 

Echelon Edge has recently achieved significant milestones, including the successful completion of a proof-of-concept (POC) with TCS, marking the first deployment of Indian telecom products in the core. Additionally, the company has undertaken a business support systems (BSS) transformation for Amdocs, consolidating their data centers for enhanced efficiency. 

Ensuring the security and privacy of client data remains a top priority for Echelon Edge. As a CMMI Level 3 organization, the company adheres to CERT-In guidelines and conducts internal security audits to maintain compliance with established standards. By delivering accessible and user-friendly solutions, Echelon Edge strives to protect client data while providing innovative technologies. 

Echelon Edge recognizes the potential of 5G technology and is actively developing solutions that harness its speed, low latency, and high bandwidth capabilities. Moreover, the integration of blockchain technology aims to revolutionize transaction management, contracts, and supply chain processes within the telecom industry. 

To gain comprehensive insights from the interview with Gaurav Gandhi and learn more about Echelon Edge’s innovative solutions, click on the link below. Discover how the integration of 5G, blockchain, and AR is reshaping the future of the telecom industry


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