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In an ever-evolving IT landscape with a surge in Internet users, the demand for reliable Internet service providers and high-speed connections has reached unprecedented levels. To tackle the challenges of network inconsistencies, bandwidth management, and complexities associated with distributed networks, efficient network monitoring solutions are crucial.


Challenges faced by ISPs

Fiber Cut Detection

Locating fiber optic cuts in vast rural areas can be time-consuming and resource-intensive which leads to prolonged downtimes and customer dissatisfaction.

CPE Monitoring

Monitoring and controlling scattered Customer Premises Equipment (CPE) like ONUs and ONTs can be complex without a centralized system.

Government Compliance

Acquiring government-approved equipment for MCTC/TTP compliance can be a costly process that potentially hinders expansion plans.

Revenue Growth

High capital and operational expenditures associated with fiber deployment limit ISPs’ ability to explore new revenue streams and compete effectively.

Network Monitoring Software for ISPs

As connectivity technologies rapidly advance to accommodate the growing data volumes and internet users, the management of Wireless ISP networks becomes increasingly complex and crucial in today’s competitive landscape. Echelon Edge brings an AI-powered Network monitoring solution, Percipient NMS, that leverages robust tools like IP flow monitoring and network behavior analysis technology to meet the specific needs of large network operators. It offers a comprehensive view of network traffic, ensuring uninterrupted availability, swift troubleshooting, and an optimized user experience. Moreover, it provides scalable infrastructure and network optimization to accommodate a growing customer base with reliable routing and remote access.

Key Features

Scalable Infrastructure
Real-time Network Performance
Complete Visibility
24/7 Network Availability
Enhanced User Experience
Proactive Fault Detection

We bring you

Fiber Cut Detection Made Easy

Our software features a centralized Optical Time Domain Reflectometer (OTDR) that enables real-time and remote fiber cut detection to quickly locate and resolve issues.

Seamless CPE Monitoring

With Ready link (PoC) and FTTx Solution integration, you gain real-time visibility and control over scattered CPE with enhanced customer experience and reduced downtime.

Government-Approved Compliance

Our Percipient NMS offers full-stack MCTC/TTP compliance capabilities to streamline the process of obtaining government approval.

Last-Mile Wireless Integration

Ensure the future of connectivity with our solution that integrates with last-mile wireless technology along with 5G capabilities to ensure seamless workflow.


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