Echelon introduces Percipient Unified Platform – The Ultimate Big Data Analytics Solution

Introducing Percipient Unified Platform - The Unified Analytics Solution

Percipient Unified Platform, formerly known as Teralytix/Data Digger, is our new and advanced Big Data analytics platform designed to store and process petabytes of data for analytics and AI-based application development. It is a hybrid data solution that can be deployed as a Big Data as a Service (BDaaS) platform on any cloud services provider, such as AWS, Azure, GCP, and on-premise private cloud. 

It makes these all tasks easier and capable to deal with 4V’s of Big Data. 

  • Volume: Capable to store and process huge volumes of data sets. 
  • Variety: Deals with varieties of data such as structured, unstructured, and semi-structured. 
  • Velocity: Big Data Powerful data pipeline to ingest and process streaming 4V’s data which is generated at an alarming rate. 
  • Value: Finding correct business insights out of the huge data sets through analytics. 

Our Big Data platform supports distributed computation where master & slave architecture work making it most scalable, robust, fault-tolerant, and reliable.  

It comes with TelGenius intelligent application, an AI and machine learning application that helps in accelerating data-driven decision-making by predictive, recommendation, and classification-optimized models’ development to deployment with high-performance iterative workflow execution. 

main features of big data analytics solution 

  • Scalable Data Lake Platform: Distributed storage and computation with horizontal scalability to handle petabytes of data without compromising performance. 
  • Lightning-Fast Computation: Empowered by Spark in-memory computation that is capable to process billions of Records in a few milliseconds. 
  • Bi-Directional Data Pipeline: Cyclic Data Movement between source & target and customizable ETL to integrate with streaming and batch data sources in minutes, not in days. 
  • ML Application Development: Machine learning–based automated advanced analytics application to calculate Real-time prediction for business that dynamically updates with every new data point.  
  • Customer Acquisition and Retention: Businesses use big data to observe consumer patterns to tailor their products and services as per specific customer needs. This ensures customer satisfaction, loyalty, and ultimately a considerable boost in sales. 

The Bottom line

The re-branding of Data Digger/Teralytix to Percipient Unified Platform highlights the additional features of our big data analytics platform and the critical areas of focus for future development. With advanced analytics like AI and ML algorithms, Percipient Unified Platform provides perceptive insights into big data that drive business growth for a viable advantage. 

Our core team of experts specifically designed the solution to meet the demands of modern businesses that are increasingly relying on data-driven insights to make informed decisions while analyzing complex data sets, creating custom dashboards, and generating insightful reports with just a few clicks. 


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