Customer Segmentation

Customers are unique, So Should Your Solution
There is an unimaginable variety of people and personalities in the world, a potential market is generally not characterized individually. Though it’s critical for businesses to know the target audience to make marketing strategies effective and appropriate. This calls for an urgent need for a customer segmentation tool that can optimize marketing campaigns and hence improve customer experience.

Customer Segmentation

Challenges in the Industry


Segmentation is an investment, but if it’s not done right with the right tool it can lead to huge expenses.

Understanding Multiple Segments

Because each potential customer can easily belong to multiple segments, it’s difficult to find out the basis of segmentation.

Embedding Segmentation into Organization

As segmentation drives change and growth for the business, it’s not easy to embed it in the company. 

Discover New Ways to Segment

Data Quipo is a perfect tool for audience targeting that can identify and engage specific user groups to send customized campaigns across various channels. It is loaded with industry-leading segmentation functionalities. The segmentation functionalities in Data Quipo enable businesses to group customers based on specific characteristics, such as demographics, purchase history, and behavior.

It provides the tools and capabilities they need to target specific audience groups and engage them with customized campaigns across multiple channels. This allows companies to send targeted campaigns that are relevant to their customers and increase the chances of success.

Key Features

Live User Segmentation
Pulling data from multiple channels
Scalable Data Infrastructure
Single Customer View
Segment customers by all the things
Predicted Segments

We bring you

Predictive-Customer Analytics

Data Quipo’s predictive analysis technology applies mathematical and statistical models to data and hence predicts future customer behaviour.

Track Growths Through Segments

You can perform simple health checkups with Data Quipo to see how different groups of customers are growing.

Smart Dashboards

There are handcrafted dashboards for everything from recurring revenue to customer churn.


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