Sentiment Analysis Tool

Listen to the Voice of Customers
Though businesses run on profit agenda, they have to cater to the commercial needs of society. In doing so, it’s essential to gather details about the opinion of the people on the products and services. It is possible with Customer Sentiment Analysis, a modern-day use case of data analytics.

Sentiment Analysis Tool

Challenges in the Industry

Negation Detection

Negation is a way of reversing the polarity of words, but there is no fixed size for the scope of affected words.

Word Ambiguity

As polarity for some words is strongly dependent on the sentence context, it is impossible to define polarity in advance.

Sarcasm Detection

Sarcasm occurs in user-generated content like Facebook comments. Without having a good understanding of the context, it’s difficult to detect sarcasm.

Discover the Power of Customer Emotions

With Data Quipo, businesses can anticipate consumer demand by bringing structure and meaning to billions of voices. It is meant to thrive and survive in a fast-moving digital landscape by keeping a finger on the pulse of consumer opinion.

One of the key features of Data Quipo is its Sentiment Analysis tool, which is designed to give businesses a deep understanding of consumer opinions and attitudes while analyzing vast amounts of unstructured data, such as social media posts, reviews, and customer feedback, to gain a clear picture of consumer sentiments.

Key Features

NLP Capabilities
Sentiment Classification
Contextual Analysis
Integration with Other Tools

We bring you

Instant Detailed Insights

Our tool is designed to dig deeper into the data with greater granularity with custom charts and data visualization.

Custom ML Models

All you have to do is import the dataset, define custom tags and train the models in easy-to-use UI.

Simpler Text Analytics

Our templates are custom-made for a variety of business use cases & come with pre-made text analysis models and a dashboard.


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