In response to the ongoing pandemic, the global healthcare sector is facing new challenges and redirecting resources towards them. Their efforts are focused on improving the work experience for their workforce and redefining the mode, nature, and location of work. They are also expanding virtual health services, collaborating to manufacture and obtain necessary vaccines, treatments, and supplies, and addressing healthcare disparities, environmental sustainability, and ecological concerns.


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Complexity Explosion

Data silos

Healthcare businesses struggle with disparate data sources stored in different warehouses on outdated systems. Due to concerns about data management, they hesitate to consolidate records and migrate from legacy systems.

Outdated Network Infrastructure

It can cause delays and security risks, making it difficult to create a 360-degree view of the patient.

Connectivity Issues

Healthcare organizations need reliable wireless connectivity to support the transfer of medical information and other critical data. Unreliable wireless connectivity can lead to delays and errors in healthcare delivery

Driving Change for Better Solutions

In the face of rapid change and uncertainty, the healthcare industry is actively exploring new ways to transform the patient care journey. At Echelon Edge, we offer integrated solutions that streamline processes, connect medical information, and improve patient care. Our Data Quipo platform manages data efficiently and streamlines data management. It can help healthcare organizations to manage large amounts of data more efficiently.

Moreover, Percipient NMS maintains unified electronic health records across disparate systems. It helps healthcare organizations to maintain accurate and consistent electronic health records. Echelon’s Private Network provides secure connectivity for healthcare organizations that helps healthcare organizations transfer medical information and critical data more efficiently and effectively.

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